How To Stay Positive & Be A Super Role Model


Your daily mantra:

“Maintaining positivity makes me a good role model.”

As an adult, I embrace my responsibility as a role model. I believe there are key traits I should possess in order to be a good role model.

Maintaining positivity is one of those traits.

“When I am positive even in negative circumstances, I am looked upon as someone to emulate.”

I recognize this and endeavor to stay positive at all times.

Sometimes financial hardships can cause me to feel discouraged. But instead of giving in to those negative feelings, I think of creative ways to earn additional income. This approach encourages others to do the same. I am happy when I can help others make their lives better through my examples.

I share examples of my struggles with my kids and show them how maintaining a positive outlook always allows me to reap success in the end.

I encourage others to believe that persevering and tweaking their approach can eventually lead them to success.

My friends always turn to me for advice because it seems like I have all the right answers. But I remind them that it is more about the outlook. I explain that the outcome may not always be favorable for me, but I smile anyway.

Today, I live a stress-free life when I allow myself to be positive, so I maintain my positivity as much as possible. Another “plus” of this action is that it makes me a good role model.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. Do I think I have what it takes to counsel others?
  2. Am I always willing to be a positive role model for others?
  3. How do I get myself out the slump when a negative situation affects me?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How do I be a better role model and influence?"
  • "I want to be a better person and a role model for others."
  • "How can I use my tough life and be a role model for others to avoid my mistakes?"
  • "I'm a role model for kids, but I have a hard time staying positive."


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