4 Types Of People To Avoid. Are You One Of Them?

"I'm so curious if I am the type of person people avoid."

"How can I change from the person I am?"

"I need to know what people think of me."

"What are the characteristics I DON'T want to possess?"

We are all familiar with the characteristics of happy, successful people.

The characteristics listed below are NOT any of them. In fact, they are the opposite.

See if you possess any of these characteristics and, if you do, my advice to you is”¦ change.

The Dreadful Dud.

The dreadful dud is the person who responds to your questions with one word answers. If you initiate a conversation with the Dreadful Dud, the conversation is dead on arrival. These people are not mean or necessarily rude. They just don't have much to contribute. Consequently, the conversations are short and simple.

Eventually, the Dreadful Dud gets the reputation of the dull guy or girl. Or you might say he or she is a dud. Don't be a dud. Practice your natural personality.

  • Did you know that you were created to enjoy life?
  • Did you know that life is meant to be tasted? There are juices inside to be experienced.
  • When was the last time you took a chance? Live life as it's something to be loved. Practice makes perfect. Practice passion. Practice charisma. It's who you really are.


The Social Soloist.

The Social Soloist is the person who never begins to live and love life. This person finds him/herself at home, alone, on the couch, every night, watching silly reality programs. The Social Soloist finds purpose in who is going to have to eat the next set of buffalo testicles or who is going to be kicked off an island.

The irony of the whole thing is the Social Soloist is at home experiencing nothing while he/she watches those who are actually living and loving life. Does that make sense? Instead of trying to escape through the boob tube, get out and meet people. If you must start small, invite some people over to watch a decent movie. Eventually, it will develop into a social fun time and, who knows, it just may move out of the TV room.


The Pitiful Procrastinator.

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Ever hear that one? How ridiculous! Have you ever known anyone that lived by this motto? How frustrating! The Pitiful Procrastinator always finds him/herself stressed out and behind in life. Why? They keep putting it off!Everything is always put off until later. Nothing is ever done in time. And when it eventually gets done, it's shoddy and half-assed. They just want to hurry up and get over with”¦ whatever "it" is.

Laundry. Homework. Dishes. Meetings. Confrontation. Putting gas in the car. Changing Careers. You name it, it never gets done when it needs to get done. Life will pass the Pitiful Procrastinator by. And when it's too late to make up his/her mind, regret will take hold. Do not let regret arise and dominate your mind. Instead, take control of your mind right now. Make a list and stick by it! Don't fall prey to the practice of the Pitiful Procrastinator. Remember, practice makes perfect.


The Unknown Optimist.

These people have such positively dark energy they could actually suck the life out of the room during a New Year's Eve party. While everyone is having a good time, making plans and looking forward to the future, the unknown optimist looks to the dark side. The unknown optimist looks to the dark side of everything. If you were to tell this person that he just one $1,000,000.00, he would say something like, "Great! Now I'm going to be in a higher tax bracket and have to pay more taxes."

The unknown optimist lives in a vacuum that you do not want to live in. It's the "great news, but here's why it sucks" vacuum. Take inventory of your overall attitude. Don't take the extreme opposite route either. If you go to the opposite extreme, you'll find yourself on the Pollyanna platform. A great place to be is in the realistic but optimistic middle. While you're there, be sure to live and love life.


So, how did you fare?

Do you possess any of these characteristics?

If so, take some time to reflect on it and how you can change going forward.

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