How To Quickly Eliminate New Job Stress

"How do I overcome my new job stress?"

"I thought getting a job was hard enough. Now I have first day stress."

"I don't know how to squash the job stress I am experiencing."

"Am I making too much of nothing? Why am I so stressed about my new job?"

They loved your resume.

The job interview rocked.

You got the job and start next week.


This is an exciting time and you should be happy right?

For most people, YES.

However, starting a new job can also be a very stressful experience, as there may be many new and unfamiliar things that may take some time to get used to.

To help you through this transitional period, here are some simple, yet effective ideas to help you to cope with the stress of your new job.

Reach out to coworkers.

Believe it or not, every single coworker at your new job was also once the new guy or gal on the block. What this means, is that now is the optimal time to reach out and establish connections with your coworkers, as they will be particularly open to any indications that you make toward friendship.

  • In this same way, if you choose not to reach out to your coworkers during this time, they might make the assumption that you're not interested in establishing friendships with them now or at any point in the future.
  • Never underestimate the power of a first impression!

How quickly can you reach out? To whom?


Keep other aspects of your life the same.

Starting a new job means that you'll likely be experiencing a significant amount of change in the coming weeks and months.

  • It may be therapeutic for you to keep certain familiar and enjoyable routines in your life the same, so that you have a semblance of comfort and regularity.
  • These routines may include going for a morning jog, enjoying a warm cup of coffee, spending time with your children before they go to bed, or anything else that you've previously done on a consistent basis to maintain your peace of mind.
  • We all like to have things in our life that we can count on and providing yourself with this benefit will help reduce your overall stress level in a major way.

Are the other parts of your life stable or in turmoil?


It's okay to ask for help.

Avoid trying to go it alone and perform all of your new job requirements without asking for any help.

  • Asking for help at the early stages of a new job will indicate that you desire to do your job well.
  • This could also further benefit you by having someone with more experience show you a faster or better way to do the task that you had the initial question about.

Are you comfortable asking for help when you need it?


Starting a new job can be stressful. Many people don't like change, even when it's the best thing for them.

Don't worry if you make mistakes along the way. Mistakes happen to everyone. It's how well you handle them afterwards that people watch for and respond to.

Breathe deeply.


Good luck!

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