How To Raise A Child With Strong Character and High Values

"How do I raise a strong character child?"

"I need to teach my kids some quality lessons in life."

"I want to raise my kid the best that I can. Help!"

"How can I make sure my child grows up with good character and values?"

Raising children with strong character and high values has never been more difficult.

Mass media, violent video games, the internet, and a slew of other factors make parenting especially challenging today.

Add to that, there are more single parent and dual income families than ever before.

The solution”¦

Who Are You?

One of the very best things you can do is to set a good example. Don't worry that your children don't seem to listen to you, worry that they are always watching you. What are you inadvertently teaching your children? What generalizations could they logically draw about your character and the world as a whole from your behavior and the things you say?

It's worth considering what type of example you're setting. Children look to parents for clues on how to behave and what is or isn't appropriate.

What's Your Relationship?

While there are many books available on managing and disciplining children, real influence comes from having a strong relationship with your children.

If your child is confident that you love them, then the example you set and the words you speak will be taken more seriously. Children feel loved when they are understood, have unconditional acceptance, and know they are the most important things in your life.

Ask yourself these four basic questions:

How many details do you know about your child's preferences?

Do you know their favorite foods, TV shows, names of friends, musical preferences, and names of teachers?


What do you actually know about their friends?

What do you know about their families? How well does your child get along with their friends? What do they do together when you're not around?


What does your child do on the Internet?

Do they have social media pages or email accounts?


How well is your child doing in school?

What are your child's favorite and least favorite subjects?


What Else Can You Do?

There are additional steps you can take to instill good values in your children. Fortunately, plenty of opportunities present themselves that will allow you to teach your children good values.

Implement these seven tips:

Make parenting important.

You're busy. All parents are. But being busy isn't the same as being a good parent. Provide the time and environment your child needs to thrive.

What's your #1 priority? This is a trick question.


Lead by example.

Be an example of the values you wish to instill in your child. Behave the way you want them to behave.

Can you take the lead?


Take every opportunity to discuss your values.

Take every opportunity to discuss your values. When you see something on TV, the news, or something comes up in everyday life, talk to your child about the issue as it relates to your own personal beliefs. Let them know what you think is right and wrong.

What do you think about ____?


Praise your child when they exhibit positive qualities.

Rewarding good behavior with praise is a staple of psychology.

What's their reward going to be?


Correct inappropriate behavior immediately.

If you let it slide, you're implicitly telling your child that it's okay. Sometimes it's easy to look the other way, but it's not better.

What behavior needs to come to an end?


Get more involved in your child's life.

Show some interest and participate more. You're probably short on time, but pick an activity that's really meaningful to your child.

What will you do together?


Spend more time together and really talk.

Talk with your child and listen more than you talk. Seek to strengthen your bond. Tell your child that you love them.

Do not underestimate the importance of this tip! How can you improve upon this?


Raising children with strong character and high values is a challenge.

There are so many more negative influences working against you in society today than ever before.

Now more than ever, your child needs you.

Children require a good example, love, and your time and attention.

If you can provide these things, you will raise children that demonstrate strong character and high values.

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