What Is Holding You Back In Life: Comfort, Habit, Resistance or Fear?

"Something is holding me back from being successful."

"How do I deduce what is keeping me stagnant in my life?"

"I know I should be accomplishing more than I am."

"I feel pathetically unproductive. What do I do?"

Are you exactly where you want to be in life?

If you answered NO, then read on”¦

Whether you feel you made bad decisions, feel trapped or feel helpless, it's time to stop standing still and start moving forward.

For many people, all you have to do is take a couple of steps and there will be a windfall of automatic steps to follow. This will lead to so much of what you dream.

The problem is comfort, habit, resistance and fear.

Which one is holding you back from taking that first step?


Comfort is an enemy of success. To succeed we have to get out of our comfort zone. Think about it. While we are in our comfort zones, we sit back and enjoy just being lazy. We expect things to just happen. We are comfortable so we think we are supposed to lay back in our rocker / recliner and the world will wait on us. This mentality will kill a successful spirit. The comfort mindset is the enemy of the successful lifestyle. The successful lifestyle calls for you to go out kill something and drag it home. If you want it, go get it. Please do not expect success to come knocking at your door. It just does not happen.



Habit can be an enemy of success OR it can be the backbone for achieving success. In this context we are talking about the enemy. You can probably answer this question before you even finish hearing it.

Question: What are some habits that murder any chance of achieving success?

Potential Answers: Laziness, Complacency, Procrastination, Lack of Self Control, Jealousy

Do any of these look familiar?

Are you where you want to be?

Perhaps a couple of the above habits need to be banned from your life?

One of the most difficult things to do is to stop a bad habit. Another extremely difficult thing to do is to start a good habit. Now combine those and try to stop a bad habit and start a good habit at the same time. At first that may seem next to impossible. It may be . . . if you think that way.

Here's a good way to overcome that. Get angry enough at your current circumstance that you D-E-C-I-D-E to make a change. The most effective tool for change is a concrete decision. There is a common attribute that almost all successful people have. That attribute is habit. But not just any habit. The habits of thinking successful will bring success in your life.



Resistance can be a good thing but it's not when you are trying to achieve something. Resistance can be seen through behaviors such as procrastination and just negative thinking in general. Resistance can cripple any potential successes or be a blockade to keep successful living from exploding. How do you know if you're resisting successful living?


Are you in the same place now you were in 3 months ago? 6 months ago? 1 year ago? If so, chances are you are resisting successful living. Now that sounds absurd. Why would anyone want to resist successful living? I don't believe anyone would consciously and purposely keep from living successfully. But on another level people are too comfortable to change. There's a question of the unknown element of success. On a subconscious level there is a fear of success. Or should I say it's more of a fear of failure.

Which brings us to fear”¦



Fear can be the most crippling, unrelenting, paralyzing, scary emotion you will ever experience, if you let it. Fear plays a part in our everyday lives and it can keep you from failing. It will keep you from taking risks. It will keep you safe. Consequently, it will keep you from successful living.

So how do you overcome and kill fear?

First, you have to become extremely emotional about killing your fear.

Are you afraid of heights?
- Climb a mountain.

Are you afraid of meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend?
- Go strike up a conversation with all the interesting people every chance you get.

Do you fear public speaking?
- Sign up for a public speaking course or go join your local Toastmasters chapter and sign up to speak as much as possible.

You see fear is a decision. You can decide to be a person of fear or you can decide NOT to be. Fear can be your end or it can be your beginning? What do I mean by that? Just this, if you decide fear is going to rule your decisions about how to succeed or not, then you most always will not. But if you decided that fear will be your motivator to overcome everything that may hold you back, then you will be on top in a short amount of time.

Fear = Limitations

No Fear = Endless Opportunity


Having a high level of determination and motivation to improve your life makes moving forward so much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

By taking the first steps necessary to overcome exactly what is holding you back in life, you will find yourself back in charge and breaking free of any chains.

Start now!

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