It's Family Night - 5 Ways To Bring Your Family Closer Together

"How do I bring my family closer to my heart?"

"How can my dysfunctional family be brought closer together?"

"What can we do as a family to improve our relationships?"

"I am frustrated than my family doesn't do more together."

Life is chaotic and, without making a concentrated effort, it can seem almost impossible to enjoy quality time with your family.

To solve this dilemma, the best thing you can you is to schedule a weekly family night.

Family nights can be an incredibly uplifting way to bring your family closer together.

What is Family Night?

Family Night is an evening designated by parents (usually) when everyone in the immediate family suspends their busy social calendars to spend time with each other. Some experts suggest that Family Night occur every week, for example, every Thursday night. Parents make it clear that all family members must be present.
One of the jobs parents have is to keep family interaction as positive, illuminating, and fun for the kids as possible. Spending time regularly with family members provides opportunities to re-connect and instills the value of family in children. Regular Family Nights enable you to accomplish these goals.

What Can You Do For Family Night?

The great thing about Family Night is that your family can do whatever you like to do together.

These ideas show you some of the ways your family can re-connect and have fun:

Cook dinner together.

For example, your teenage son can make the salad, your daughter sets up the table, Mom cooks the entree, and Dad has the side dishes under control (or vice versa if dad's the chef in the family).

What will you cook?


Watch a movie.

Have dessert, popcorn, or other snacks after dinner while relaxing and watching the movie.

  • Let the kids take turns picking the movie.
  • Or you might select a film you believe covers educational or interesting topics to discuss with the kids after viewing.
  • Of course, you can also go out to a movie theater to watch a film on Family Night.

What movie will you watch?


Go out to dinner.

Let each member of the family take turns selecting where you'll go to dine.

  • Make it fascinating, fun and educational by introducing the kids to a cuisine of a different culture each week.

Where will you eat?


Take part in a fun activity together, like walking, biking, or playing baseball.

Incorporating healthy physical activities into your weekly Family Night is smart because kids learn to enjoy regular exercise and focus on physical health as a family.

What do you want to do?


Occasionally, do a family project together.

Family Night might also be spent with the family working together to complete a project around the house.

  • Painting the driveway, pulling weeds and trimming plants outdoors, or even washing the car are examples of projects that families can do together on Family Night.
    Ӣ When a family works together, children can learn all kinds of important lessons about teamwork, perseverance, correcting errors, and feeling pride about a job well done.
    Ӣ It's best not to do a work project every week.

Got a project in mind?


Vary your family night activities.

Try something different each week.

  • You could post a short list of things to do and let the kids take turns picking the weekly activity.

How will you mix it up?


Having regular family nights are important to the development of a well-functioning, happy family.

With these ideas and your own adventurous spirit, you and your family can enjoy many wonderful experiences.

Discover the joy and happiness of scheduling regular family nights together.

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