How To Stop Feeling Depressed & Lonely Right Now

"Ugh!!! I'm depressed and aggravated."

"I've wasted my life. I'm down in the dumps. Help."

"Life's been tough lately. I'm looking for answers."

"I'm sad, depressed, lonely, frustrated and out of ideas."

At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced a sense of melancholy or feeling down and blah. This is a natural part of life. But sometimes, depression and the subsequent loneliness can feel overwhelming.

If you find yourself feeling depressed often, you might want to consider making some lifestyle changes.

Boosting social contacts in your daily life, having favorite alone-time activities, and getting out and about are a few methods that can help you deal successfully with depression.

Try these 11 great tips to STOP the feeling of being depressed and lonely:

Call somebody.

It's hard to feel truly depressed and lonely when you're talking with someone.

  • Make a point of reaching out to others in some way at least once a day.
  • Another person is as close as your phone. Hearing a warm, friendly voice is encouraging when you feel lonely. Plus, finding out about a close friend or family member's everyday life is a wonderful diversion.

Who will you call?


Consider inviting someone you care about to coffee, lunch, or dinner.

Making such a date provides something for you to look forward to.

  • Plus, spending time with loved ones is the best medicine for fighting depression & loneliness.

Who's your "date"?


Join a club or group.

Perhaps you're feeling depressed and lonely because you live a solitary lifestyle. Try joining a group or club of people who engage in activities you already enjoy.

Great, free websites like can help you find something today!

  • Consider a book discussion group if you love to read or a bird watching club if you enjoy nature and birds.
  • Your goal is to have consistent contact with others, even if it's only once or twice a week.

What do you like to do?


Make a list of activities you like to do when you're home alone.

Engaging in a favorite hobby or activity can bring you joy and fulfillment.

  • Make a conscious decision to take part in at least two of those pursuits each day.

What's on your list?


Look around your home to find a home project.

Refresh an area of your house by painting, re-arranging furniture, or creating a small sanctuary space that brings you joy. This will lift your spirits.

What does your home need?


Get out and about.

Take a walk. Go for a jog. Take a drive. Go window-shopping.

  • When you do these activities you'll most likely come into contact with other people, even if it's just to say, "Hi."

Where will you go?


Exercise regularly.

The comforting ritual of taking a walk each morning or doing your aerobics DVD each afternoon after lunch can help to keep your spirits up. Get some form of exercise.

What exercise will you get?


Think positive.

Thinking positively goes a long way toward coping with any challenges in life.

  • Remind yourself that you'll get through this difficult experience and come out feeling better than ever.
  • Reflect on other challenges you've successfully made it through.


Remind yourself that, like most things, this experience is temporary.

Depression and loneliness are things that you can move through and resolve.


Volunteer to help others.

A very effective and wonderful way to make new friends, learn new skills and make a difference in another person's life is to volunteer.

  • Your choices are numerous, from delivering flowers and newspapers to patients in hospitals to stuffing and mailing envelopes for a social service organization.

Who will you help?


Seek help.

If your depression and loneliness aren't resolved in a reasonable period of time, seek professional help.

  • Call a counselor to speak individually about anything that's troubling you.
  • Try attending a therapeutic support group.


Although you might experience feelings of depression and loneliness periodically, you can take active steps to live your best life ever.

By applying the eleven great tips above, you can successfully deal with any sadness that comes your way.

Start today and never look back!

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