How To Calm Down When You Are Totally Stressed Out

"I'm totally stressed. How do I relax?"

"I'm beyond freaking out. Help!"

"My stress level is off the charts. What do I do?"

"My life is a stressful mess. What should I do first?"

Do you feel totally stressed, completely restless and worried about the troubles you currently face?

Do you long for peace of mind and confidence about the direction you're headed?

Instead of avoiding your thoughts and challenges, focus on acceptance and solutions.

You don't have to deal with this crappy situation forever. You have the power within yourself to mend your situation, STARTING NOW”¦

Try the following techniques to ease your stressed mind:

Accept your situation.

Resolve today to accept the things about your situation that you cannot change. If you fight the fact that you have difficulties, you'll turn your challenges into bigger ones. Accepting your situation can bring you a certain peace within yourself that makes dealing with the challenges you face easier.

Will you accept your situation for what it is?


Focus on solutions!

Instead of dwelling on the obstacles in front of you, think of as many solutions as possible. Pick the choice that seems best to you and begin implementing it today.

  • In every moment, ask yourself whether or not there's something you can be doing to work toward a solution. Ask yourself, "What could I do right now that would make this situation better?" Take action, and you'll almost always experience an immediate sense of relief.

What are all the possible solutions?


Focus on letting go of the past.

Regret and sorrow about the past are huge contributors to a troubled mind. You might find it easy to forget the small things, but larger issues from the past continue to creep into your mind. Your past is behind you, and a peaceful future is ahead if you choose to embrace it.

Will you just let it go? How?


Ask for help.

Rather than facing the difficulties of life alone, open yourself up to friends or trusted family members. You can even seek professional help if necessary. The expertise and support of others may be just what you need to experience a breakthrough.

Who can help you?


Do something fun.

Sometimes all it takes is something lighthearted to get your mind into a better place. Instead of wallowing in a bad mood, choose something that you like to do and give yourself a break. Temporarily leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in an activity you enjoy.

What will you do for fun?


Make new friends.

Making new friends is a great way to get your mind off of your troubles. Friends will be there to support you when you're down and open you up to new options that you probably wouldn't have considered otherwise. When you focus on others, it distracts you and increases your self-esteem at the same time.

Awesome websites like can help you find like-minded new friends.

Where will you meet new people?


Focus on relaxation.

If your thoughts cause you to feel anxious and tense, set aside time for deep breathing and relaxation.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breath. Breathe deeply and slowly. It only takes a few minutes to replace feelings of anxiety with feelings of peace and relaxation.

What relaxes you?


If your mind is stressed out, restless and troubled, listen to your feelings. Let them motivate you to seek relief. Stop ignoring these thoughts. They will make you feel worse.

Instead, choose one or more of these seven ideas and put them into practice TODAY.

When you do, you'll begin to experience the inner peace and calmness you've been wishing for!

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