My Top 10 Words To Live By

"What words should I consider to live by?"

"I need a personal philosophy."

"I feel like I am meeting the wrong people. How can I change this?"

"I deserve better. I need to make a simple, profound change in my life."

Everybody has their own personal top 10 list of words to live by.

However, if you really dig deeper and look at their lists, you'll find the vast majority consistently have many of the same words to live by written down.


We are all essentially looking for similar traits and qualities in the friends and partners we meet in our lives.

And about the differences?

Hearing someone else's list of words to live by is the best way to learn, educate yourself about them, discover what they are looking for, and to remind you to check and see if they meet your needs.

Here is my list of top 10 words to live by:


If you are always honest, then you've proven you can be trusted. Honesty might be tough sometimes, and though the truth can hurt, knowing it can only make you better and stronger as a person, and a friend.



No one always gets their own way. The ones that do probably don't actually have any true friends, just hangers-on. A trait of true friendship is understanding that you aren't always going to get your way, though sometimes you will. Give a little, get a lot.



If you can't trust someone, do you really want them to be in your life? Make sure you earn their trust by being open, honest, a good listener and friend.



As in, agree to disagree. Why keep fighting over something that will never be resolved? Get over it, forgive and move in with the knowledge that even through troubled times, you can still make your friendship work.



Forgiveness has a double benefit: You feel stronger for being the better person, and those who have wronged you feel better knowing that you have been able to forgive their sins. It's a time tested trait that everyone needs to learn.



Being a good listener is being able to listen without judging. If a friend needs to get something off their chest, just be there for them, and let them do the talking. When you need the same, they'll be there for you.



As in, take the time to listen to your friends. Spend time with those you love, and take time out of your busy day to remind them just how much they mean to you.



Learn from the mistakes in your past. Learn how to love. Learn what makes your friends happy, and learn what it means to truly be a good friend.



Communication is essential for understanding what is going on inside someone's mind. No one knows what you are thinking until you let tell them. Keep the lines of communication open at all times, and you'll be stronger for it.



Learn to love without prejudice and without guilt. True love sees no borders and knows no boundaries.


There is no greater feeling than being loved and respected by those who surround you. And being a true friend is the gift that keeps on giving.

Seek out people in your life who meet your needs (as well as their own). Comparing your list of words to live by with theirs will help you form long term bonds with those you are most similar in values to.

What is your list of top 10 words to live by?

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