How To Focus and Achieve Your Goals


Your daily mantra:

“Achieving goals is important to me.”

Some of my days are lazy. Most of them fly by. But regardless of the type of day I have, I make time to work toward my goals.

My goals are motivating. I am grounded and focused because of the goals I set for myself.

“Living a fulfilling life is easy because I am consistently working to achieve my life plan.”

Some days I work to accomplish personal goals, like paying close attention to my children or assisting my partner in completing home tasks. I view my personal goals to be just as important as my career-related goals.

As I strive toward achieving my work-oriented plans, I am compelled to move ahead in the workplace. I recognize I can obtain nearly any job I apply for because I work hard and continue to accomplish my professional goals.

My job is more complex and interesting when I maintain steady progress forward. I am proud of my goals and work achievements.

It makes my life more worth living to know that each day, I have goals to work toward. I am thankful to have the resources to establish, work for, and accomplish my goals. Achieving my goals are the greatest successes in my life.

Today, I intend to reflect on my personal and professional goals. I know that focusing on my goals makes me a more successful person and fills me with passion and purpose.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. Do I consistently establish and work toward personal goals?
  2. Are my career-related goals an important focus in my life?
  3. Am I successful in working toward my goals each day? If not, what can I do to ensure that I do something daily that moves me closer to goal achievement?


What People Are Saying:

  • "I need a lesson on how to focus."
  • "It's too difficult for me to focus. Where do I start?"
  • "I have failed on many of my goals, but I am not ready to give up."
  • "I am having a hard time achieving even the simple goals I have set out for myself."


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