Top 9 Ways To Sharpen Your Memory Fast

"How do I speed up my brain and remember more?"

"My memory is getting bad. How can I make it better?"

"I want to keep my brain sharp as I get older."

"I'm forgetting way too much lately. What do I have to do?"

If you feel that you are struggling with your memory or simply want to improve your memory, read on.

Some experts believe memory is like a big, huge room filled with filing cabinets. And in each of these filing cabinets is where your memories are stored. These experts also believe we never really forget a memory, but sometimes we just can't locate it in this vast room of cabinets.

As you grow older, you are more likely to struggle with your memory. There are certain strategies you can try to help you remember important information.

Use these nine methods to keep your memory super sharp.

Remember the names of those you meet by repeating their names verbally.

If we use an individual's name in the conversation just after we meet them, we're more likely to recall their name later on.

  • For example, if you were introduced to Charlie at a party, you could say something like, "Hi, Charlie, I'm very pleased to meet you." When you repeat Charlie's name at the party, you're increasing your chances of remembering his name later.

Do you remember who you've met?


Observe what's happening around you.

In some situations, you may find yourself getting distracted or simply not paying attention. If you can stay consciously connected to the current moment, you will solidify your memory of the event and be able to recall it later.

What's going on around you?


Keep a journal (either written or even via an app).

When you record the happenings of your day, you're forced to think about it again. Doing that is like rehearsing the information. And with rehearsal comes recall.

  • Even if you're not much of a writer, you can use your journal to jot quick notes or even sketch out a drawing to remind you of what happened that day.
  • When you flip through and read your journal again, more thoughts about those events will be prompted to emerge, and you'll remember more.

Where will you write stuff down?


Allow yourself a brief "mind rest."

Interestingly, some new memory research states you can boost your recall later simply by taking a break for a few minutes after learning something new.

  • Sitting quietly and relaxing your mind helps you absorb the recently-learned information.

When and how often will you take a break?


Engage in regular exercise.

It really is true that taking a brisk 30 minute walk or a bike ride three or four times a week ensures your brain (and memory) stays in shape. So get out and exercise.

  • When you do something to strengthen or build cells, you're also increasing your ability to remember.

What daily exercise will you do?


Eat more fiber.

Eat plenty of fiber and limit the crap & garbage in your diet. You'll allow your brain to perform at its optimal level.

How's your diet?


Avoid extreme dieting.

If your body doesn't get enough nutrients, you can become sluggish, distracted, and even confused. Consequently, your memory will suffer. Diet responsibly and with more effectiveness.

Are you a frequent or extreme dieter?


Get more sleep!

When you're deprived of sleep, your mind doesn't think as well and you can easily forget things.

  • Strive for the amount of sleep you require, usually 7 or 8 hours for most people. The more rested your mind is, the more likely it is you'll be able to absorb the next day's events.
  • This will help you remember and recall those events at a later time.

How much sleep do you get?


Incorporate relaxing activities into your daily schedule.

Calming activities help you avoid feeling overly stressed or on edge. Rejuvenate your mind by relaxing with yoga, taking a leisurely walk, or reading a book.

What will you do to relax?


In general, living a life that's healthy, balanced and interesting can help you keep a sharp memory.

When you stay active physically and cognitively, you'll also remember more and remember things better. Use these nine methods to sharpen your memory today.

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