How To Speak Kindly


Your daily mantra:

“Kindness softens my speech.”

Words carry great power. I prepare my heart so that kindness softens my speech.

“One of the greatest beauties of kind speech is its ability to spread far and wide.”

Being considerate of others makes my relationships run more smoothly. I notice the good qualities of others, and my words naturally become more affectionate. The people I talk with are more likely to feel respected. They become more relaxed and friendly too.

Regarding others with compassion is my starting point. I try to think about the pressures and challenges that my loved ones and coworkers may be facing. I give them credit for making an effort even if their performance could be better.

There are many ways for me to make my words more gentle.

I strive to become aware of how I address others. I consider the purpose of my communications and my effect on them.

I pause before speaking. This gives me time to select my words carefully and manage my emotions.

I prefer to avoid harsh words. I search for substitutes that will convey my meaning with more tact.

It is often useful to think about how I prefer others to speak to me. This provides guidelines for most situations. However, I also recognize that people have different sensitivities. I watch their reactions and ask questions to improve my understanding.

Today, I imagine my speech is like sunshine that brings more warmth into the lives of those I meet. This thinking brightens my own life too.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. How does kind speech improve my relationships?
  2. What is a milder substitute for a harsh expression I sometimes use?
  3. How can I become more aware of my speech in stressful situations?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How do I learn to be more kind to people?"
  • "Sometimes I rub people the wrong way. How can I change that?"
  • "My friends tell me I'm rude."
  • "Did I just say the wrong thing again?"


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