The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself

When you feel unmotivated, changing your mind-set can seem as strenuous as hauling yourself out of quick sand. Not only do you feel unmotivated, you feel unmotivated about trying to GET motivated!

Luckily, your mind is very susceptible to persuasion – if you use the right stimulators.

Here are the best ways for you to motivate yourself and stay motivated to accomplish almost any goal.

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    • Remind yourself why your goal is important.

      Sometimes it’s easy to lose your motivation if the end result doesn’t seem as important as it did when you first set the goal. Most of us are fired up with enthusiasm when we first set our goals, but over time that fire begins to die down.

      In order to rekindle the flames, revisit your goal in full detail! If you kept notes about what you wanted to achieve, re-read them now. If not, simply take a trip down memory lane. What will your goal do for you? Why was it once important to you? Is it still important to you? Important enough to override the temptation to avoid working on it?

      If this activity isn’t sufficient to get you moving again, perhaps it’s time to set some NEW goals that will get your blood pumping again.

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      • Give yourself a push.

        Very often, it’s the start that is the most difficult part! Even when you don’t feel like working on something, pushing yourself to get started can often shake off the last vestiges of resistance and put you on the right track again.

        I like to play a little trick on myself: when I really don’t feel like working on something, I’ll tell myself that I have to put in at least 15 minutes of time on it. I promise myself that if, after 15 minutes have passed I still don’t want to keep working on it, I can stop. This almost always works for me. Once I get involved in what I’m doing I have no trouble keeping up the momentum.

        Whatever you have to do to “trick” yourself into getting started, do it. Once you’re rolling along, you probably won’t want to stop.

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        • Set a compromise.

          Try bargaining with yourself. Promise yourself that you can spend the rest of the evening watching whatever you want on television if you first work on your goals for an hour or two. Or promise to buy yourself a new outfit if you stick to your workout plan each day this week.

          There are two important things to keep in mind with this technique. First, keep your promises realistic. Don’t promise yourself the moon just to try to motivate yourself, because somewhere deep inside you’ll know you are lying to yourself. Second, be sure to honor the promises you make to yourself! If you get into the habit of making promises you don’t keep, your mind will become ever more resistant to compromise.

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          • Visualize and imagine your goals.

            When you have the ability to see your goals and imagine what the end result will be, you are more likely to get and stay motivated. You may feel more motivated by a picture of what you are working towards or need a daily visual reminder of that dream vacation you are saving money for. By keeping a visual picture in your mind and imagining yourself at your end result, you can stay motivated to accomplish any goal.

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            • Watch a movie or listen to motivating music.

              You can get excited and motivated to reach your goals by watching a motivating movie or listening to music that will get you pumped about your goals. Look for movies that will help you see others work hard to reach their own goals. You will come out of the movie feeling ready to get busy and accomplish your goals. Music can also help you stay motivated. If you want to walk more, invest in a good portable music system and listen to upbeat music to keep you moving.

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              • Set small goals and take a break.

                Whether you are working towards saving money for a new house or trying to eat healthy to lose a few pounds, set small goals for yourself and take a break every once in awhile. By setting small goals, you will not feel too overwhelmed at one time. You can work on each step that will equal to big results in the end. Also, if you do get overwhelmed, take a break. Achieving your goals will not happen overnight. If you feel frustrated, take a day off and rethink your plans.

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                • Reward and treat yourself!

                  Getting and staying motivated can be easier if you take the time to reward and treat yourself when you reach small milestones along the way. If you are trying a new fitness plan, try to reward yourself with a new pair of gym shoes or maybe new workout equipment. Knowing that there is something good along the way to your goal will help keep you excited about achieving your goal and you will stay motivated.

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                  • Laugh.

                    Laughter is like a miracle drug for the blues. Not only does it make you feel more alert, it also releases a flood of those fantastic feel-good endorphins in your body. Spend a few minutes reading or watching something funny, and then allow those good feelings to stimulate your motivation.

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                    • Find a partner to help you.

                      You can accomplish anything if you do it because you believe in yourself. If you work on a goal because you believe you can do it, it will be easy for you to stay motivated. While working on your goals, if you do need an extra push, find a partner who can keep you on track. You may have a friend who wants to lose weight or get in shape, too. Work with that person to motivate each other when your own motivation starts to drag.

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                      • Wash away lethargy.

                        Showering can immediately perk you up and make you feel more energized again. Try using a fresh-scent shower gel or soap, and turn the water temperature a bit cooler than you normally would. Scrub your hair and body with vigor and imagine that your feelings of “blah” are being washed down the drain.

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                        • Prove them wrong and impress others.

                          Everyone is motivated for different reasons, but one way to get and stay motivated is to remember all the times someone told you that you couldn’t do it. Prove the negative people around you wrong and accomplish your goals to show them you can. While you should never try to live your life for the approval of others, your motivation may improve when you try to impress others. Feel good about what you can do, and others will notice the hard work.

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                          • Take advice and help others.

                            Talk to others who have worked hard to accomplish the goals you are working towards. Listen to what they have to say and take their advice. For people who have already been there, they can offer valuable advice and this should help you stay motivated. Also, help others while you are accomplishing your goals. If you know someone else is depending on you, it will be easier for you to stay on track.

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                            • Do it because it is fun and you want to do it.

                              You may want to achieve a goal that you find very difficult. It may help to get motivated by finding something fun about what you are doing. Achieve your goals because you want to do it and not because others want you to. When you find intrinsic motivation, it will be easier to focus on your goals.

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                              • Change your routine.

                                Try mixing things up to keep boredom or frustration from setting in. Changing your routine may help get and keep you motivated.

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                                • Compare and critique.

                                  When you compare your goals to others and find what worked or did not work for them, you can stay motivated because you will find what will help you. Look at others around you and see the mistakes they may have made and try to keep yourself in line by not making the same mistakes.

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