Weight Loss & Dieting - How Do I Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

Weight loss requires a lifestyle change.

If you simply go on a diet, lose weight, then go back to your old ways ... guess what ... you'll gain the weight back.

It's the trap that most people fall into. Lose weight. Gain weight. Start over. Lose weight. Gain weight. Start over....

Use the ideas, thoughts, tips and suggestions below to change your LIFESTYLE.

Use the ones that both work for you and that you can work with.

If you can change your lifestyle, you can lose weight and keep it off.

Let's get started...

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      • Change slowly.

        You might want to change everything at once, but that strategy usually doesn’t work very well. Instead, improve your diet a little each week. This method will be easier to stick with and you’ll have a healthy diet before you know it.

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        • Drink water.

          I do this personally. I drink water with every meal. I can't tell you how many pounds I've kept off my body due to this. Actually, yeah I can. Drinking water instead of juices or soda makes a 10-20 pound difference (and that's just from 1 juice or soda daily).

          Juices are often high in sugar or chemical sweeteners. Diet drinks are questionable from a health standpoint. Give your body the water it craves and it will reward you with better health – all the way down to the cellular level.

          An added plus: drinking plenty of water helps keep you from consuming excess calories, too. If you're hungry, drink 8-16 ounces of water first. Then eat.

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          • Make your lunch. Take your lunch.

            This is a biggie and where most people put on the pounds.

            Most of the things that are available in restaurants are just not very healthy. Even if you try, it's still a lot of calories and the pounds WILL add up.

            It also can be challenging to order a salad when your coworkers are ordering bacon cheeseburgers. You will be healthier and save money if you make your lunch and take your lunch.

            Disclosure: I make my own lunch each and every day. Takes 2-3 minutes. I'd be much larger in the waistline if I didn't do this.


            Make your own dinner too.

            Same story. The more you eat out, the larger your waistline will be - even with your best effort to eat healthy.

            Cooking your own dinner at home does not have to be hard either. I start and finish in 15-30 minutes generally. Simple. Very tasty. Yum!

            There are so many recipes online that can be prepared quickly and affordably.

            You'll also be SAVING A LOT OF MONEY over the long term. It's expensive to eat out all the time. Even fast food garbage adds up to $$.

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            • Make this deal...

              At the outset, learn to substitute bad food with good food slowly.

              1 - If you buy one box, bag or serving of junk food, you MUST also buy one serving of a healthy snack you will both enjoy and eat (fruit, nuts, fiber or protein bar, etc...).

              2 - If you want to eat the junk food, you must finish the healthy snack first.

              Once a week increase the proportions.


              week 2 - for every 1 serving of junk food, you must finish 2 servings of a healthy snack.
              week 3 - for every 1 serving of junk food, you must finish 3 servings of a healthy snack.

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