Anger Management Tips - How To Diffuse Your Anger Quickly.


It can slowly destroy everything around you. Job. Friends. Relationships. Family.

It can cause physical and emotional harm to everyone, including yourself.

In order to master anger management, you need to gain control over your emotions. You'll also need to get into a mindset that allows you to think before you act or speak.

This is a thread of practical ways to control your anger. Below are ideas, advice and solutions on how to do so.

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    • Determine the source and cause of anger.

      A strong emotion has to be resolved first. Unresolved anger escalates, and bitterness will show in your interaction with other people. Diffuse anger and it will relieve the stress in your system.

      Don't react.

      Think about the situations that have gotten you into trouble in the past. You likely immediately reacted to the problem at hand with angry emotions. Whenever you're presented with a stressful situation, it's important withhold rash reactions. Think about what's really going on, and then decide how you really feel about everything.

      Take a time-out.

      Cool down first.

      Counting to ten before you speak or act gives you a chance to think first. Take a deep breath or two while you count to ten; this action helps relax your tense muscles and sends a burst of oxygen to your brain for clarity of thought.

      • Removing yourself altogether from the situation gives you more time to calm down and further reduces the risk of an angry outburst. You can return once you're able to discuss the issue peacefully.
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      • After you've calmed down, express yourself.

        It's both healthy and necessary to express your feelings, even feelings of anger, as long as you do it in a peaceful, positive, and non-confrontational way.

        • Discussing your feelings with the person who upsets you often helps both of you understand each other better so you can work out your issues.

        • Stewing about what is bothering you can make the whole situation worse.
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        • Think it through before tackling the issue.

          When you're angry, you're more likely to say something hurtful that you don't really mean.

          • Write down what you want to say so you can work through the issue at hand; when your temper is flaring, it's easy to get sidetracked.
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          • Use personal statements when discussing the issue.

            Avoid criticizing or the blame game!

            • Use statements like, "It makes me feel angry and upset when you don't help me with the housework," instead of "You never help me," which could make that person angry or resentful in return.
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            • Think of the Possible Consequences.

              I know that making your mind work, especially when there's smoke emanating from your head, is hard. Nevertheless, exercising control over your emotions will do wonders. It’s just mind over matter. Think of the possible consequences if you act on your anger.

              Try to visualize the things that might happen if you do something borne of your anger. Will a breakup ensue or will you leave a bad impression among your friends as soon as you start spewing hurtful words? Through pausing to think, you will be able to stall your emotions while the anger subsides. Be mature enough to take responsibility for the actions you do and the words you say.

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              • Avoid holding a grudge.

                Maintaining resentment toward someone only hurts you. It'll simmer and simmer until you finally pop. Let it go, put it in the past, and move forward with your life.

                • It's unreasonable to expect everyone to act the way you want them to. Rather than letting someone continue to irritate you with their mannerisms, find a way to accept or look past them.
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                • Exercise.

                  Strenuous physical activity is an incredible way to release your anger, especially if you feel you're at the breaking point. Exercising also releases endorphins, the "feel good" hormones, which will help you feel more at peace.

                  • Lifting weights, running, and playing sports are great ways to blow off some steam.


                  Practice Relaxation.

                  Anger arises more often if you're tense and stressed. Study different relaxation techniques that will help you to unwind.

                  Some of these techniques include:

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                  • Find a win-win solution.

                    Instead of focusing on what someone did to make you angry, work with him or her to resolve the issue. Finding a solution that you both agree on will allow you to feel satisfied.

                    Your mind will be able to relax and move on instead of simmering until you blow your cork.

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                    • Talk to a friend.

                      One of the best approaches to manage anger is to talk and confide to others. You may talk to a friend, counselor, or selected group with a common purpose to help each other. Talking to somebody about the feelings you have in your heart relieves tension. It is like unloading a heavy burden.

                      It is not necessary that any advice be given. Just lending a listening ear is enough. Advice may be given if it is sought. It opens your mind to new ideas and perspectives that you may not have thought of due to the anger you have within.

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