The Best Ways To Improve Your Self-Confidence

Do you struggle with low self-confidence that holds you back from succeeding in life or reaching your dreams?

Instead of settling for a mediocre life, I'm going to start this list of simple strategies that can help you to feel confident in every situation you encounter.

Each one of us has a lot to offer the world. Confidence in your talents and abilities is closer than you think. All you need is to discover the passion inside of you and agree to leave your comfort zone in favor of a life filled with joy.

Here are the best ways for you to improve your self-confidence.

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  • Understand your mistakes.

    An important aspect of finding your confidence is examining what you've done in the past that you now see as a mistake. Thoroughly understanding your prior errors is integral to developing your sense of self-assuredness.

    • Reviewing your mistakes allows you to say to yourself that you understand what happened and that you know now to approach those situations differently. Knowing what you did wrong and recognizing that you wouldn't do it the same way again builds confidence. 
    • When you realize that you've gained some applicable knowledge, you also strengthen your confidence that you can meet any challenge in the future.
    • Find a role model.

      You probably know someone who you believe exhibits great confidence. Using them as a role model can be instrumental in finding your own confidence.

      • What does your role model's self-assurance look like? Does the person make eye contact when speaking to others? Can you see a comfortable ease with which he relates to others? Think about how the person you have in mind looks, acts, and talks. 
      • Perhaps your role model has a great sense of humor. The self-assured person isn't afraid to admit he's made a mistake. He may even gently laugh at himself for his errors. 
      • Now, try behaving like your role model. You truly can live your way into a new way of thinking. If you emulate the person whom you view as confident, you'll be more likely to exude self-assurance yourself.
      • Even when you're experiencing a challenge and aren't feeling too sure about yourself, try "faking it till you make it." Use your knowledge about how confidence appears and behave that way. Soon after, you'll begin to recognize and connect with your own true confidence.
      • Make a list of your strong points.

        What character traits do you have to offer that are of great benefit to you or others?

        • Are you patient, kind or caring? Identify personality characteristics that you're proud of. Ponder your strong points. Knowing yourself will enhance your self confidence.
        • Choose optimism as a daily approach to everything.

          Strive to be positive in life's journey.

          • When you make the decision to find the best in whatever life brings you, your self confidence will soar.
          • In your daily life, notice when you do something well.

            Perhaps you just cleaned up your car and it looks awesome. Maybe you completed a report and it's the best you've ever written.

            • Recognize each day the times when you excel. Perhaps you helped your child through a difficult time or you made a great chocolate cake.
            • Little efforts add up to build your self confidence.

            Celebrate your progress.

            Take notice of your good fortune.

            • When you've met or surpassed your goals, celebrate! Rejoice in your own successes. Congratulate yourself as you build the self confidence you seek.
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