How Do I Become A Success Story Too?

I'm often asked "How do I become successful?" or "How did you do it? What's your secret to success?"

While those are very general questions and success means something different to everyone, there are some basic rules.

Below I will list strategies, advice and tips to be successful at whatever it is you want to.

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      • Have specific goals.

        What do you want to accomplish?

        You cannot be successful without crystal clear, specific goals.

        The simplest way to do this is to write down your goal and include a deadline. Outline and prioritize your objectives. Now your brain knows what to work on and when to have it accomplished.

        • Read over your goals at least twice a day to provide mental emphasis that they’re important. We all know how easy it is to get sidetracked by 50 other things and forget all about our goals and plans.

        Write your goals down on paper. Failure to do so makes them a pipe-dream and not a goal.


        Visualize your goals.

        Imagine what success will feel like – but bring it into your present, like you’ve already attained what you want. Picture in your mind having achieved your goals and the emotions that go along with your victories. While you’re working to achieve success, consider how your life will look at each step of your journey.

        • For example, you might live in your apartment two more years before you begin shopping for your own home. Your new place will have an extra bedroom you use as your office. When you have your own office at home, you’ll be able to expand your business, which will make you more money and lead to greater financial security.

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        • Each day, take a step closer to your goals.

          One of the best ways to keep your goals in mind in order to be the success you want to be is to take at least one step forward EVERY DAY.

          • When you do something daily to work towards a goal, it becomes an important aspect of your routine existence. You’ll feel happier, more in control, and increasingly confident.
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          • Tell yourself you’re worthy of success.

            What you say to yourself every day contributes greatly to the type of life you live. So, say to yourself that you’re worth whatever it takes to be successful. You know you deserve it. Practice positive thinking!

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            • Find a mentor.

              To help you in your quest to get ahead in your career, refine specific skills, or get in the best shape of your life, seek out someone who’s done it before. Ask for their counsel.

              • Learn from someone who’s been there and continues to excel. Take them out for coffee and pick their brain. Have your specific questions in hand. Listen to what they say.
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              • Hang out with successful individuals.

                You'll frequently find that you achieve about as much as the people with whom you spend the most time. If you want to be successful, affiliate as often as you can with people who are more successful than you. There are a couple of reasons for this:

                • You'll be exposed to a completely different way of thinking and interacting with the world. Very successful people look at many things differently than those who are less successful. Integrating some of these ideas into your own thinking will likely bring you more successes of your own.

                • You'll also encounter new opportunities. High-achieving people frequently have all kinds of ventures going on; you never know when they might need a helping hand. You’ll also get to connect with their peer group, who are likely to be very successful as well.
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                • Embrace your failures...

                  ...because they WILL happen. It's part of the process.

                  I've failed more times than I can count, but it never stands in my way. I learn from my mistake and move forward.

                  Rather than fearing and loathing the mistakes you’ve made, take them in, study them, and find the lessons in them.

                  • Understanding and accepting your errors will provide you with the information you require to succeed the next time.

                  This is where a majority of people quit. No perseverance. Little patience. Failure to get instant gratification or success.

                  Don't be one of these people!

                  DO NOT QUIT!

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                  • Care less about what others think of you and more about how you feel about yourself.

                    There are times to listen to other people's opinions and times NOT to.

                    If you constantly find yourself reacting to what others think of you or your ideas, it will obliterate your own sense of self. Instead, listen to your heart. Recognize that what you want for yourself is more important than what someone else wants for you. Go after your own dreams.

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                    • Expect delays, challenges and days where everything goes wrong.

                      If you can do this, you’ll be less distracted when they occur.

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