Networking - How To Successfully Network Yourself & Get Results

"It's all who you know."

This is one of the most overused statements out there, yet for good reason! It's so damn true.

Networking is a critical tool to build beneficial business and social relationships. Because it is so important you should use every available occasion to network.

Below are great ways and strategies to network yourself.

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    • Get out there.

      The first way to successfully networking involves getting out there. Simple as that.

      Whether its attending a party, going to a business event, or joining an organization, the first step in networking is getting involved. You cannot expect to make and develop relationships without making yourself accessible to others. People need to meet you and feel comfortable in order for networking to be a success. For this reason you should try to involve yourself in as many activities as your schedule allows.

      A great website for networking is Try it.

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      • Be prepared.

        Meeting new people and attending social functions is not enough. You need to arrive prepared. This means you need to do research on what events will be beneficial to you. Once you decide which gatherings to be a part of you should do some fact finding on the organization or people that will be there. By knowing what to expect, and by being knowledgeable about potential contacts you will stand out from the rest.

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        • Business cards.

          This should go without saying, but you would be surprised.

          Never leave home without your business cards. Make sure your cards include your name, address, important phone numbers and an email address. They should also include a business logo and slogan or tagline. You should give out your business cards generously, even two at a time. The more cards you have circulating at any given time the more helpful they can be.

          Don't forget to download a business card app. Yes, you can create a digital business card too! The benefit of this version of a business card is that you can quickly gather the person's name and either text or email them your business card.

          Remember: those who follow up, WIN!

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          • What's your pitch?

            You should have an effective 15 to 30 second pitch ready. Be prepared to introduce yourself and make your contact aware of what you can do for them in 30 seconds or less, because that may be all the time you have. You should be passionate, energetic and personable. Have a few introductions prepared that way you can use the appropriate one for any given situation.

            No selling!

            You should not try to sell while networking. Networking is about meeting new people, making contacts, and building relationships, not sales pitches.

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            • Ask questions.

              it is important to ask your new connections about themselves or their businesses. By asking questions you’ll be better able to determine what you can offer them. In addition, people generally enjoy talking about themselves, so being inquisitive will often make you look friendly and interested.

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              • Solve a problem.

                I personally like this one because it works (hence the name of my website).

                Be a problem solver! When you approach a person tell them how you can be of help to them now or in the future. Cut to the chase and get to it.

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                • Assert yourself.

                  Be assertive. This means go up to people and introduce yourself; don’t wait for them to approach you. Try not to spend too much time talking to people you already know. While this might be more comfortable it is not an effective way to make new connections.

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                  • Behave yourself.

                    While at any event, you should behave professionally. This includes limiting your alcohol intake and dressing appropriately. Don't be argumentative. Simply enjoy yourself and draw people to you.

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                    • Pay close attention. Watch for cues.

                      One basic rule that is perhaps the most important rule of networking... that is to pay attention to the cues you are getting from the other person.

                      If you have just met a new contact outside of traditional networking venues, try and gauge how interested they are in talking business right then and there. Someone you meet on the plane, in a bar, or at a party may end up being your most valuable contact at some point in the future, but if you infringe on their downtime, you may never get past go.

                      If someone is responsive to your business talk, that’s great, but don’t push it. If the time isn’t right, simply say you enjoyed meeting them and that you would like to swap business cards with a view to chatting about mutual opportunities at a more appropriate time. People will appreciate your consideration, and by respecting boundaries, you will have already scored some points with your new contacts.

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                      • Resist over promising.

                        Do not over promise! Don’t play up your ability to accomplish things that you can’t or make deals you don’t have the authority to make. If you get a reputation for being all talk and no action, your networking opportunities may soon evaporate into thin air.

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