How Do I Stop Fear From Ruining My Life?

Fear is debilitating.

It can completely ruin your day or even, in some cases, your life!

Fear is an emotion, and while sometimes it’s very necessary and can help save your life, there are other times it simply must be faced and dealt with in order to be free.

Below are effective strategies you can use to overcome your fears.

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  • Look at it as a learning experience.

    It definitely helps a lot if you look at everything - even situations you fear - as a learning experience. Putting a positive spin on something usually makes it much easier to deal with.

    • Learn to relax!

      When you feel stress and anxiety coming on, a few slow, deep breaths can make a huge difference. To a large extent, our psychology follows our physiology; breathing is the only part of our physiology that we can really control. Use that control to your advantage.

      Try meditating. It will completely relax and focus your mind. It's well worth a try. Click here to give it a chance.

      • Prepare yourself.

        Many of our stresses, challenges, and concerns are things that we anticipated. Take the time to find solutions and put them into place before you need them. When you can see a challenge that is likely to come up, simply prepare for it instead of worrying about it.

        • Embrace risk.

          Chase after your fears and show them who is boss. Make the tough presentation or phone call. Ask for whatever it is that you want. A big part of being successful is doing things that other people are too afraid to do.

          • Realize that you can do it.

            Even if you have things to learn and skills that need to be honed, that doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of the task at hand. Plan to acquire the resources you need, but do everything you can with the resources you have now.

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