Time Management - How Do I Stop Wasting So Much Time?

Prashant V. writes...

"Mr. Jeff. I am a big time waster. I waste so much time every day. I do nothing. I want to get more done. How do I get more done when I don't feel like it."

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  • Less planning, more action.

    How often do you find yourself thinking about what you have yet to do? Merely thinking about the future won't get you anywhere.

    • Strive to live in the "now" and take action to complete your tasks.
    • HERE'S A BIGGIE... avoid procrastination.

      This is a difficult one for most people! When you keep putting something off that you need to accomplish, you tend to spend more time thinking about the fact that you have to do it when you could have already completed the task.

      • Quit making excuses and work up the willpower to do the things you hate to do. Once you do it, you'll strengthen your resolve and build momentum.
      • Set goals.

        Setting goals is an important part of any plan. When you're working, it's far easier to track your progress and complete your task more efficiently if you have a specific goal to achieve.

        • Take breaks.

          It's important to be self-disciplined, but you don't want to overdo it and burn out. Mental breaks will actually boost your productivity because your mind has a chance to reflect, rejuvenate, and repair itself subconsciously.

          • Schedule frequent 10-minute breaks to clear your mind.
          • Most importantly... reward yourself.

            Make sure you reward yourself for a job well done. A reward will motivate you to get through tougher tasks and avoid procrastination in the future.

            Besides, It's important to have some fun in your life!

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