My Life Is Changing So Fast. I'm Scared. What Can I Do?

Jill A. writes...

"I hate change. Everything in my life lately has or is changing so fast. I need a new job. I don't know whether I can stay in my current apartment. My dates lately have been a disaster. You get the idea. I hate change and I'm losing it. Your help in calming me down would make me very grateful. But I don't know if you can. Thanks Jeff for trying in advance."

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    • Hi Jill.

      I'm going to make this short and sweet.

      I searched for two specific tutorials I posted a while back on how to successfully deal with change & uncertainty. They're really good.

      How To Quickly Overcome A Terrifying Fear Of Change

      How To Quickly Overcome A Terrifying Fear Of The Unknown

      I invite other members to post their thoughts, experiences and solutions to handling fear of life changes and the unknown. This is a common problem in the lives of many people.

      Overcome your fear of change and solve your problem, click here.

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