How Do I Overcome Terrible Depression and Feel Happier Again?

Depression. Been there. Done that.


Depression isn't just an occasional sadness, such as having a bad day. This types of temporary sadness usually passes pretty fast.

Depression is serious. It's where you become so down in the dumps that it interferes with your daily life.

Here are some common symptoms of depression:

  • Extreme fatigue and tiredness, sleeping too much
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling lethargic and lacking the motivation to do anything
  • Loss of appetite or excessive overeating
  • Difficulty concentrating on anything
  • Feeling sick all the time
  • Aching bones and joints
  • A feeling of hopelessness
  • Suicidal tendencies

If you are feeling depressed, read on.

Below is a list of ways to help you overcome your depression and feel better about yourself again. Just remember these two things...

1 - It will take time and patience.

2 - Seek help. Don't be stubborn and feel you can do this all by yourself.

With that said, here is a list of ways to move forward out of a depressed state of mind.

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      • Learn What Triggers Your Depression.

        Every person on the planet is incredibly unique. Your triggers can be completely different from someone else’s. Take a moment or two to analyze your depression and try to figure out what is creating the negative thoughts.

        There could be a number of triggers. For instance, a lot of men suffer from depression because they can't seem to communicate with women without being harshly rejected.

        Once you find your triggers, it will be easier to work towards curing the depression.

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        • Monitor Your Thoughts.

          It’s likely that you feed your depression with negative thoughts. It’s important to observe your thoughts to avoid getting stuck in a negative thought loop.

          For example, jealousy can lead to intense depression. If you find yourself feeling jealous of a certain person, reduce the amount of time spent with that person. Cynical thoughts can also encourage depression.

          Practice thinking positively. Positive thoughts can have a massive impact on your outlook towards life.

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          • Involve yourself in community service.

            Helping other people is an excellent way of easing your depression. Not only will you be so busy helping others that you forget how sad you are, but you will also be doing great service for others.

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            • Exercise Regularly.

              Exercising re-energizes your body, produces hormones that elevate your mood, and boosts confidence.

              Keep it simple and start small. You don't have to run a marathon on the first day of your exercise program.

              For best results:

              • Conduct a bit of research before you hit a gym in order to familiarize yourself with different workout routines. Encourage a friend to join you.

              • If joining a gym isn’t your style, you can still get plenty of exercise. Run and play with your kids and pets. Take walks, swim, or play sports.
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              • Seek the Great Outdoors.

                Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce some symptoms of depression. Take a walk through a public park or a nearby forest. Looking at green vegetation can actually relax your eyes and reduce stress. Watch the birds and squirrels busily scurrying about in their daily routines.

                • Close your eyes, take in the sounds of the forest, feel the cool breeze on your arms, and breathe in the aroma of fresh wet leaves.
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                • Find the silver lining.

                  When you're sad, it's hard to find the positive in the things that are going on around you. But the more you practice gratitude and notice the positive things around you, the faster you begin to experience feelings of joy that replace the sadness.

                  • Ask yourself empowering questions that begin to change your perspective. What are you happy about? What could you be happy about if you wanted to be happy? Who do you love and who loves you? What are you excited about? What could you be excited about?

                  • When you face defeat, ask yourself, "What can I learn from this? What's great about this? How can I use this?" Questions like these change your focus and cause your mind to find answers that empower you.
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                  • Change your diet.

                    Eating healthy is good for your body, but it can also be good for your emotions. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables keep your blood sugar level stable and healthy. Eating fish regularly provides your body with essential fats and protein that can help to boost your mood.

                    • Processed foods and simple sugars may contribute to feelings of depression. In addition, these foods contribute to an overall poor health that makes the battle for your mind and emotions more difficult.

                    • Drink plenty of water. Eat smaller meals, and eat more often to properly fuel your body for the challenges you face in life. And consider taking a multivitamin supplement to ensure that you're getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to create within you the emotional health you deserve to experience.
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                    • Get enough rest.

                      Our lives are so chaotic nowadays, most people do not get enough sleep. This may exacerbate your depression.

                      The optimum amount of sleep a person needs each night varies from person to person. If you feel sluggish around mid-afternoon or anytime during your day, you may not be getting enough sleep. Short-changing yourself on sleep is a surefire way to increase feelings of sadness in your life.

                      • If you're feeling blue and tired, try to increase the amount of sleep you're getting at night. Often, giving your body enough rest will cause you to feel better about yourself and your circumstances in a few short days.
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                      • Start the day with positive input.

                        Just like consciously choosing your mood, you can choose to feed your mind uplifting material before it has a chance to absorb anything negative. Keep a stack of inspirational or motivational books by your bedside. First thing in the morning pick one up and open to a page randomly. Read the passage your eyes fall upon first, and take a few moments to reflect on how it pertains to your life.

                        You may also post inspirational quotes on your fridge or mirror.

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                        • Choose your attitude.

                          Make a little checklist for yourself, and place it where you will see it when you first wake up. At the top of the list, write this statement: “Today I choose to feel __________.” Below that, make a list of possible ways you can feel. Try adjectives like happy, carefree, peaceful, purposeful, confident, relaxed, serene, easygoing, loving, patient, kind, and so on.

                          Keep reminding yourself of the choice you made if you feel yourself slipping occasionally throughout the day!

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                          • Meditate.

                            This is a very helpful therapy because it relaxes your mind from worries and has a calming effect.

                            Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

                            It only makes you feel worse. Stop it immediately every time you catch yourself doing it.

                            Learn to forgive yourself.

                            Remember that no one is perfect. It is okay to commit mistakes. What is important is learning from them. Forgive yourself.

                            Stop worrying about the future.

                            Worrying about the future will only cause you to neglect the good things that currently surround you.

                            Stop caring what others think.

                            Worrying about others’ opinion will not do you any good. Remember the saying “you cannot please everybody all the time” - it's true.

                            Smile more.

                            Smiling and laughing are the best therapies for just about anything. It relaxes your body.

                            Learn to love yourself.

                            Remember that before you can love someone else, you need to love yourself first. You cannot share something that you do not have.

                            Learn to appreciate.

                            Every person is unique and special. Do not think of yourself as inferior to others.

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                            • Accept the fact that life is topsy-turvy, with upswings and downswings.

                              If you are down right now, realize that things can only get better in the coming days. Take stock in knowing that an improvement is imminent.

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                              • Develop a new hobby.

                                Changing your old routine or hobby may also help ease your depression. Play tennis or go mountain climbing to shift your interest from your sadness to your new hobby. Who knows, you might even get to meet new and interesting people while you’re at it.

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