How To Lower Your High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is both serious and life threatening. It's commonly referred to as "The Silent Killer" for good reason.

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 1 in three adults in the USA suffers from high blood pressure. Much more terrifyingly, it is believed that anywhere from one third to one half of high blood pressure sufferers are completely unaware of their condition!

What's normal? What's considered high?

Normal blood pressure is defined as between 90/60 and 120/80.

Between 120/80 and 140/90 there is a gray area where you have a slightly increased risk of the complications associated with hypertension (including stroke, heart attack and kidney failure) but not so much that hypertension would be diagnosed. If you are in this band you should have your blood pressure checked regularly and take steps to lower it.

High blood pressure or hypertension is usually diagnosed when the blood pressure is consistently 140/90 or more (including being over one of those measurements but not the other).

Below, I will list the signs & symptoms of high blood pressure plus many ways to lower it.

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    • Types of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension):

      There are TWO classes or types of hypertension for medical diagnoses. Doctors often refer to as essential (primary) HPT or secondary HPT.

      1. Essential hypertension entertains no specific medical cause for the condition to manifest.

      2. Secondary hypertension means that there is a causal or contributory cause, explanation, underlying issue that results in the high blood pressure. Some examples may include kidney disease or certain tumors.
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      • Causes Of High Blood Pressure:

        Some of the most commonly accepted culprits of high blood pressure include:

        • genetics and hereditary factors
        • salt intake
        • being overweight
        • stress and nature of occupation
        • heart and health problems
        • circulatory issues
        • environmental factors (workplace, home, profession)
        • alcohol intake
        • excessive noise exposure
        • fast-paced living
        • stimulant intake (like caffeine, cola, etc...)
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        • Signs of High Blood Pressure:

          It's called "The Silent Killer" for a reason. High blood pressure (HBP) itself usually has no signs or symptoms.

          You can have HBP for years without knowing it. During this time, the condition can damage your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and other parts of your body.

          Some people only learn that they have HBP after the damage has caused problems, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, or kidney failure.

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          • Lower Your Sodium / Salt Intake

            Upward of 60% of all HP cases, show that patients have large daily sodium intake and salt-rich diets, foods, choices and habits that can and do harm their health.

            Salt can cause or contribute to high blood pressure when the levels of salt in the diet are too high for the kidneys to process quickly. How much difference salt makes to blood pressure depends on the individual and how efficiently their kidneys deal with salt. Some people are salt sensitive and even a diet that is moderate in salt will contribute to hypertension. But most of us eat high levels of salt and a reduction will help almost anybody who has high blood pressure.

            This does not necessarily mean you have to stop using salt completely. A pinch of salt in a pan of vegetables will not give you much sodium. However, you should not add salt at the table or eat foods that are high in salt - including most packaged foods.

            So throw out the TV dinners and start cooking fresh. A diet based around fresh vegetables, fruits and grains with some beans and low fat dairy products will be best for your hypertension. Check the sodium content on any frozen, canned or packaged foods. Cut down on meat, fats and sugar as well as salt.

            If your diet has not included many fruits and vegetables until now, it may also help to increase your potassium consumption to balance out some of the sodium. High potassium foods include bananas, cantaloupe, spinach and yogurt.

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            • Lose Weight

              There is a strong link between obesity and hypertension. If you are overweight your doctor will already have suggested that you try to lose some weight. However, it is best to lose weight slowly and you probably want to deal with your hypertension fast. So it is good news that there are other high blood pressure remedies that you can try too.

              Get More Exercise

              Get up off your butt and capitalize on moderate-intensity, prolonged exercise (at least 30 minutes) every day, such as walking. The combination of regular exercise and weight loss should be effective in lowering resting BP in short, medium and longer-term periods.

              You will start benefiting right away from any type or amount of exercise as it will significantly lower your blood pressure for hours after the actual activity itself.

              ** NOTE: strenuous physical activity may actually precipitate acute myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest in selected individuals, so be sure to discuss your risk and options in detail with your medical practitioner and fitness professional(s), treatment team, prior to starting your routines or activities.

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              • Lower Your Stress Level

                Stress is well known to lead to high blood pressure. There are many stress busting techniques that you can learn but one of the best for lowering the blood pressure consistently is meditation. A few minutes of deeply relaxing meditation morning and evening can have a big effect on your stress levels throughout the day.

                You can learn meditation with a local class or on your own from a CD. Most Buddhist groups teach meditation but it is not only a Buddhist practice. Many yoga teachers include meditation in their classes or you may find relaxation classes which will be based around meditation.

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                • Cut Your Alcohol Consumption

                  Alcohol can make hypertension worse. Subject to what your doctor says about your individual condition, you can probably have the occasional alcoholic drink but you should avoid drinking a lot at one time or drinking regularly. Some people find it easier to quit completely.


                  Quit Smoking

                  Smoking is both terrible for your body and not helpful for your high blood pressure. Stop smoking immediately!

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                  • Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

                    You should also avoid non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Motrin and Ibuprofen. Consult your doctor.

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                    • Natural / Herbal Remedies

                      It is often called Crocus sativusIts properties include, active ingredients, elements and effects, through enablers like crocetin. This will stabilize and normalize your blood pressure range to what it needs to be for you and your system. It is unique in that you can include it with soups, sauces and some of your cooking and food preparations quite easily. It makes great teas and flavored drinks and has been part of the Mediterranean diets of many cultures from across the world. Only now are we in recent years, recognizing the potential of this wonderful gift of nature, the rarest of flowers to help lower our blood pressure effectively. It is relatively expensive in certain areas, quite cheap in others. Keep your eyes peeled for it and/or consult your local organics or health food store, provider in your area or online.

                      Lime Blossom
                      Also by its real name Tilia europea. Another flower-power type wonder-drug from nature to help with arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, heart disease and such. Anxiety is often seen as aggravating conditions like HPT and HBP and these types of elements and ingredients can help. Boiled and in teas it can easily form part of your routines and not hard to take, with no side-effects in and for most people.

                      Kudzu is anther anti-oxidant with great properties for controlling blood pressure. Most sufferers and patients of cancer and other heart diseases have also touted its relieving and healing properties.

                      Hawthorn for your heart is a great way to stay healthy. Dried or as a tea it can do wonders added to your daily diet. 1-2 cups daily.

                      Garlic is like the major one natural fighter against heart disease, it is magical and medicine for your circulatory and cardiovascular systems overall good for you. Not hard to include in your food, as supplements, oils and more. It breaks down the fats and residue on arterial walls, veins and is an artery health advocate. It destroys and effectively dissolves cholesterol. Has immune-boosting qualities. Cleans arterial plaque. Better heart health.

                      Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ)
                      Coenzyme Q10 is effective for dealing with many medical conditions, including hypertension. At the same time, it is also believed that it strengthens the heart and helps to boost the immune system, with significant anti-oxidant properties as well.

                      Fish oil
                      Early indications from several studies have indicated that fish oil (most particularly essential oil omega-3) seem to have the effect of reducing blood pressure for many hypertension sufferers. Choose a high-quality fish oil only.

                      More herbs:

                      • BAYBERRY –will help you effectively take care of your body, heart health and circulatory concerns, increase circulation, blood volume and take advantage of its antibacterial fighting power.
                      • BLACK COHOSH – restores balance in your blood, equalizes blood circulation, natural elements lower high blood pressure effectively, while calming the nervous system (NOT FOR PREGNANT OR NURSING WOMEN).
                      • BLADDER POD – good for the heart in that it reduces anxiety and associated palpitations.
                      • BLADDER WRACK – Cholesterol-fighter, stimulating blood flow throughout the body giving warmth, energy where needed and also contains trace minerals
                      • CAYENNE – does wonders for stimulating and optimizing your circulatory system, it acts like a pick-me-upper for your heart blood-flow is balanced and your blood will move more freely.
                      • DONG QUAI – HBP fighter, blocker, strengthening and aiding all general circulatory systems, elements.
                      • GINGKO – Blood flow improvements and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
                      • GINSENG – cholesterol-fighter, heart and circulatory system must-have.
                      • HORSETAIL GRASS – calcium-containing eliminator of arterial build up.
                      • HYSSOP – increase circulation, lower HPT, HBP.
                      • MISTLETOE – calms heart, dilutes arterial properties for optimal flow and viscosity.
                      • SASSAFRAS – cleanser and stimulant for the blood stream and circulatory systems, ridding the body, heart and arterial surfaces, walls and arteries of build-up and residue, that causes blockages, risking stroke or heart-attack.
                      • STINGING NETTLE – stimulant and detoxifier.
                      • VALERIAN – relaxant, affecting heart, muscle and overall feelings of calm, breathing easier.
                      • WILD YAM – pain-reliever, stimulates the blood-flow.
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                      • Home Remedies

                        • Add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper to half a cup of warm water and drink the mixture immediately.

                        • The juice of half a lemon squeezed into warm water and taken every two hours is a blood pressure remedy that seems to work for some people.

                        • One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds taken with water every morning and evening for 10-15 days is another herbal remedy for high blood pressure that many people swear by.

                        • A teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (amla) extract mixed with milk and taken every morning and evening is another herbal remedy for hypertension that is recommended on many websites and in some offline reference works as well.

                        • Soaking your lower legs and ankles in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day is often recommended for hypertension sufferers, which as it will obviously help you to relax as well as reducing any swelling in your lower limbs caused by hypertension makes a good deal of sense.

                        • Mix equal amounts of onion juice and pure honey and take 2 tablespoons daily to combat hypertension. Make a batch that is enough for two or three days at a time and store in an airtight container which you should store in the fridge.
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                        • Drink Water

                          Drink water and increase the viscosity or stickiness of your blood, for the optimal functioning of your human system, organs, including your heart and circularoty system, with targeted exercise. Stay hydrated at all times.

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                          • Eat More Of This

                            Choose fiber, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium and potassium to boost your body’s functioning, metabolism and effectiveness, heart and circulatory health.

                            Practice portion control.

                            Eat more lean proteins.

                            Examples of good foods: bananas, prunes, oranges, and cantaloupe, spinach, celery, carrots, alfalfa, mushrooms, lima beans, potatoes, avocados, and broccoli to name but a few.

                            Eat Less Of This

                            Reduce from your diet things like saturated fats, pick healthy vegetable oils, and stay away from saturated and/or trans fats. Yes, that means the snack foods, fast foods and convenience meals, trimmings and sauces, fried, deep-fried foods and treats, even some baked goods, cookies and treats.

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