How Can I Make The Law Of Attraction Work For Me? Is It For Real?

Emily D. writes...

"I've heard so much about the law of attraction from talk shows and tv, but I don't see how to make it work for me. I've tried, but I have had no success in turning my life around as it is supposed to do. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me at all? I think this attraction law is full of poop."

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    • Hi Emily.

      There are people on both sides of the argument who either swear it works or swear it is all hocus pocus.

      To get started, let's explain to people what the Law Of Attraction is and then give you ways to see results for yourself.

      The Law of Attraction basically states that negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. The universe can understand our subconscious minds, and it delivers things according to the way we're thinking. Essentially, if you think positive, good things will happen; if you think negative, bad things will continue.

      Below are simple and effective ways to see the positive results of the Law Of Attraction.

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      • Feel strong emotions in your visualizations.

        When you visualize the results you want, put your whole heart into the process. If you go after something half-heartedly, whether physically or through visualizations, your results will be half-hearted too.

        Feel the happiness in living the life you dream, the pride in your achievements that got you there, and the pure joy of success.

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        • Focus on the present.

          See yourself successful in the present rather than the future. If you keep thinking about the good things that are coming tomorrow, they'll never be here today! Take full advantage of today to do what you can to achieve your dreams. As Eckhart Tolle says: "live in the now." Even small steps add up to big achievements.

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          • Be as clear as you can.

            Strive for the utmost clarity when focusing on your dreams, as every detail makes it more real to you. This will allow you to give all of your positive energy to your thoughts as you visualize.

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            • Keep your thoughts positive.

              Thinking positively allows you to bring on a mindset of gratitude and abundance. Recognize when your mind starts to shift to negative thoughts and do whatever it takes to correct the problem.

              Focus on positive affirmations or self-talk to replace the negative thoughts as soon as they occur.

              Remember, if you focus on the negative, the negative will continue. If you focus on what you don't want, what you don't want will appear in your life.

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              • Always give thanks.

                For us to live the Law of Attraction on a continuous basis, we must always give gratitude. What this means is that, no matter what we have up to this point in time, we must profess thanks for it.

                • If you sincerely practice this on a continuous basis, you'll be rewarded with many positive things.
                • A good way to practice this on a daily basis is to give thanks each day upon rising and at night before going to bed. At these times of the day, our subconscious mind is most receptive.
                • Proclaiming gratitude keeps us humble and reminds us of all the good things in our lives.
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                • Health.

                  Have you experienced health issues in your life? You can use the Law of Attraction to enjoy better health.

                  • Be thankful for the fact that you're alive and that you have another day to enjoy life to its fullest!
                  • Remove negative thoughts and feelings from your mind and ask for healing.
                  • Picture yourself as strong, healthy, and vibrant. You can even visualize the cells in your body conquering germs and disease, rebuilding themselves, and busily functioning at peak performance.


                  Many people have found their soul mate by using the principles that govern the Law of Attraction. You'll find that love and your subconscious are both very powerful forces. Gratitude is imperative to achieve results.

                  • Be thankful for the love and relationships you've been blessed with and ask for your heart's desire regarding love.
                  • Remove all negative thoughts and feelings so the subconscious will be able to process your request as pure and important.
                  • Picture yourself with the person of your dreams - holding hands, smiling, looking into each other's eyes, and so on.


                  Is it okay to use the Law of Attraction for something as material as money? The answer is yes! You can definitely apply the principles to attract wealth. As long as you properly request it, this too can be answered. Practice just as you would for anything else.

                  • Be thankful for the money you do have, no matter how little.
                  • Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and feelings and picture yourself with the money you desire. See yourself buying what you want, paying all your bills, and knowing that there's always extra money in your bank account.
                  • Let your subconscious take you to a place where you already have the money.
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                  • Expect the best in every situation.

                    This will be challenging if you don’t have full control of your thoughts yet. If you haven’t developed a strong focus, you’ll probably keep vacillating back and forth between random thoughts and focused thoughts until you train your mind. Simply keep at it! Keep saying things like, “I know this is going to work out for the best,” or “I know I will turn this situation to my advantage somehow,” or “I expect the best and the best always comes to me!”

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                    • Believe in the process.

                      You're belief in the process of the Law Of Attraction is vital to your success. You might strive for complete positivity, but if you have doubts about the outcome deep down, then you'll still allow negative thoughts to influence you. You have to believe in the process because anything that's possible can happen for you with the right mindset.

                      In short: have faith.

                      It's mandatory.

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