What Are Some Great Guided Meditations To Wealth Examples?

I've received a number of inquiries over the years as to how to create your own meditation.

So I thought it time to start a thread on the topic as I've come across a few examples to post.

Given the precarious financial situation so many people find themselves in, I'm choosing guided meditations to wealth.

First: I will describe what a guided meditation is.

Second: I will describe how to create your own guided meditation.

Third: I will give 2 examples of guided meditations for you to use or customize to your personal needs.

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    • What is a guided meditation?

      In a guided meditation, your meditation session is led by an outside source - whether that’s another person or a recording you made for yourself. Also, there is a specific purpose for a guided meditation. Your goal might be to manifest something like better health, wealth, or deep relaxation (for the purpose of this thread I chose WEALTH).

      One of the hallmarks of a good guided meditation sequence is that it's open-ended. A point is reached where the subconscious is allowed to take over and insert its own images and symbols. It doesn't necessarily have to be at the end of the guided meditation. You'll understand what I mean when you read the examples (below). With practice, the images that arise from beneath the conscious mind become interpretable and clear. :)

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      • How to Make Your Own Guided Meditation.

        You can make your own guided meditations quite easily. The most important thing to keep in mind is to emphasize the senses. Describe what you see, hear, feel, and smell. Also important is that you feel safe and comfortable. For example, you don't want to imagine being in your bathing suit while in a snowstorm.

        Comfort and sensory detail will help you project yourself into the imagery. The images you give yourself and your thoughts around them should be centered on the topic – wealth, as in the following examples (below). Remember, leave the imagery open-ended will allow you the space to find the answers you're looking for.

        When you’re finished, make notes of what you felt and saw. Examine your meditation to determine what you can learn from it. The answers aren't always immediately obvious, but they are there.

        Try writing your own guided meditations based on your desires, goals, or challenges, and do it regularly. You’ll be amazed and thrilled at the results you see in your life!

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        • Guided Meditation for Wealth : 1

          Imagine walking in a field, in the soft glow of the moonlight on a pleasantly warm summer evening. The gentle wind causes the tall grass to sway in rhythm. The pleasant scent of the nearby shrubs and flowers intoxicates you as you deeply inhale the moist air.


          After holding your deep in-breath for couple of seconds, you slowly release and continue to walk through the field.


          As you’re walking you notice many signs of abundance; piles of gold and diamonds are scattered throughout the field. You think to yourself that there is enough for everyone to be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.


          From a long way away, you can hear the gentle hooting of an owl. As the wind begins to pick up, you can feel the warm air blowing through your hair. You notice a light in the distance that appears to grow larger as you continue walking towards it. You realize that it is a temple - a glorious temple made of gold and lit spectacularly by the full moon.


          As you approach the temple, you are filled with a sense of awe. You realize that something amazing is about to happen; this is obviously a place of great prosperity and abundance. You feel that the key to wealth is going to be revealed to you.


          When you finally reach the temple, you start up the long, winding stairs. You move quickly and easily up the stairs with minimal effort. The movement is so fluid that it reminds you of an escalator, only much smoother.


          After a few moments you reach the top and see a set of large doors made of wood. With tremendous anticipation and excitement, you push against the doors with all your might. The doors open slowly and with a gentle creaking sound. You walk into the temple, which is filled with light streaming down from the ceiling. What do you see in the temple?

          In the above example, the guided part of the imagery is stopped at the point of walking through the doors. This is where your subconscious takes over...

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          • Guided Meditation for Wealth : 2

            Imagine walking on a path… take a moment and notice the details of the path and how it feels under your feet.

            What is it made of?
            How wide is it?
            What does it feel like to walk on it?

            ( This is where your subconscious inserts what you wish... )

            With every step you take, you feel more alive and feel more bounce in each step. It's difficult to stop yourself from grinning. It almost feels like you're just gliding along on a magic carpet.

            You can feel fatigue and doubt simply melting away. It feels great.

            As you look around, you notice the many different types of trees. While the trees come in many shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common.

            All the leaves on the trees are actually bills of every denomination. You also notice all the bills in piles beneath the trees, almost like someone had been raking them like leaves in the autumn.

            You smile as you realize that the raking was a waste of time as the trees suddenly release all their money leaves and new bills instantly grow in their place.

            You feel a great sense of comfort at the abundance and wealth that is available to you whenever you want it. You stop for a moment to pick up a large handful of money. It feels so great in your hand and you start to put it in your pocket.

            But you laugh when you realize that you don't need to hold onto it because there is money everywhere, so you playfully throw it into the air.

            In the distance, you can hear what sounds like a small waterfall. It's ahead of you, so you stay on the path and continue walking.

            As you get closer, you notice something strange: the rushing water has a metallic sound to it. As you round the large boulder that is blocking your view of the water and the waterfall, you realize the truth.

            The water flowing over the waterfall is filled with gold coins, and so is the cool, crystal clear pool. The metallic sound is simply the gold coins bumping into each other.

            You stand at the edge of the water and admire the beauty of the waterfall and the gold coins. You occasionally notice $100 bills floating on the water as well. Isn't it amazing?

            Determined to find the source of the water, you float through the air to the top of the waterfall. You decide that flying is much easier than walking and simply fly along the winding stream toward the source.

            After a few minutes of enjoying the feel of the cool breeze across your skin, you reach a small temple, not unlike a small pyramid with a single door. The water appears to be coming from under the temple.

            Flying inside the stone structure, you're shocked at what you see inside. The only thing inside the temple is a happy, smiling version of you!

            The person says to you, "Now you know the two truths. Your access to abundance is unlimited; it's always there for the taking. Also, you can create all the wealth and abundance you desire."

            You smile and know that it's all true...

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