What's My Life Purpose?

Atul N. writes...

"Dear Mr. Jeff, how do I find my purpose in life? What am I meant to do? I am so confused. I am dissatisfied. Thx u."

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    • Hi Atul.

      I have a super how-to on this topic. It's one of my most popular downloads over the years:

      • How To Solve The Mystery Of Your Life Purpose (update currently underway!)

      Discovering your life purpose won't happen overnight, but with consistent effort and patience you WILL find it.

      I'm going to add some quick tips below to help you get started.

      Find your life purpose and solve your problem, click here.

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      • Your gifts, talents & abilities.

        The first clue to figuring out your purpose in life is to consider what natural talents, gifts and abilities you're born with.

        • Are you artistic or musical?
        • Is it easy for you to talk to people?
        • Are you a natural communicator?
        • Do you love to socialize?
        • Do you love to decorate and rearrange your home?
        • Are you good at taking charge?
        • Are you creative and crafty?
        • Do you understand electronics and technical gadgets?
        • Do you understand computer technology?
        • Do people compliment you on your style?
        • Are you a good writer?
        • Do you have good organizational skills?

        Once you figure out what talents naturally live within you, you can then understand what you're supposed to be doing with those gifts and talents. This is your purpose in life.

        What Do You Love to Do?

        Have you ever sat down and really reflected on what you love to do?


        There are literally millions of possibilities, so start with the gifts and talents you were born with. From there figure out what you love to do that requires using those gifts and talents.


        • Being naturally social, you might consider being an organizer for social events.
        • If you're artistic or musical, teaching others how to draw, paint or play an instrument may be your calling in life.
        • If you're always redecorating and rearranging your home, why not get paid to do it and start an interior decorating business?
        • If you're good at making crafty things, helping at a preschool or elementary school may be fulfilling for you. Using your creative ability could open the door to a career in graphic arts as well.
        • Being a natural born leader opens all kinds of doors that could lead you in many different directions. Does your church or other local community groups need someone to head up a department? You may find your purpose there.
        • If you're technically minded, perhaps you might consider using your understanding of electronics to fix equipment or you might enjoy working in an electronics store.
        • If you have a strong knowledge of computers, you're certain to find a career online or with a high tech company or you might even consider starting your own business.
        • The love of writing may be something you don't even realize yet. With blogging becoming the most popular way to market a business, getting paid to write is a great way to make money from home. Many people have started a simple blog that has turned into a money making machine. Start by writing on topics you already have knowledge about and go from there. You might be surprised at how much money you can make with your love of writing.
        • If you're naturally stylish and love to keep up with what's new in the fashion world, perhaps designing your own line of clothing or accessories is your purpose. Or maybe you'd enjoy helping others discover what style works best for them by working in a clothing store. Another option may be to offer your services as a fashion consultant to those who are unemployed, so they can learn how to dress professionally for job interviews.
        • Using your organizational skills, you might be fond of going into homes and getting them ready for sale or helping elderly persons organize their homes. You could also offer your services online as an organizational consultant or teach those who aren't naturally organized.
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        • Embrace change.

          Sometimes the thing that holds you back from self-discovery is a fear of change. There's comfort and safety in not taking risks, but you also may never discover your life's true purpose. Learn to embrace change because life is constantly changing around you.

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          • How will you know?

            You'll just know! It will be the answer that fills you with the most emotion. You may even cry. The idea will resonate with you completely, and there won't be any doubt. Just write down whatever comes into your mind until you reach that point.

            • Commonly, answers will repeat themselves. A lot of unrelated nonsense is also likely to come out. Our brains can be a little cluttered, and this exercise will expose that fact. Don't let anything you write distract you from your intentions; odd things quite frequently end up on the paper.
            • There will be several answers along the path that feel pretty good to you, but remember, you're looking for the big one. When you see the ones that are good, but not "it," this means you're close, but not quite on target yet.

            You're looking for that one idea that feels overwhelming to you. In this exercise, it's common for your life purpose to reveal itself in less than 100 ideas, but it can take as many as 400. Continue writing!

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