Comment to 'How Do I Ace A Job Interview? Hot Tips Needed Urgently.'
  • Dos

    • Arrive on time, or better yet 10 minutes early.           
    • Refer to the interviewer by name.           
    • Smile and use a firm handshake.           
    • Be alert and act interested throughout.           
    • Maintain eye contact at all times.           
    • Make all comments in a positive manner.           
    • Speak clearly, firmly, and with authority.           
    • Accept any refreshment offered.           
    • Promote your strengths.           


    • Be overly aggressive or egotistical.
    • Spend too much time talking about money.
    • Act uninterested in the company or the job.
    • Act defensively when questioned about anything.
    • Speak badly about past colleagues or employers.
    • Answer with only yes or no.
    • Excuse your bad points about work history.
    • Excuse yourself halfway through the interview, even if you have to use the bathroom.
    • Ask for coffee or refreshments.
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