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  • Your First Impression

    First impressions can be a hard thing to get past in any situation. During an interview, you want to give the best first impression that you can. There are many small things that you can do to assure you give the best impression possible. They are as follows:

    • You can never be too polite to the person that directs you to your waiting area when waiting to be interviewed. A small gesture like, asking how they are doing can work wonders for you when you leave the building later.
    • While waiting to be interviewed, sit properly and behave as if everyone passing you by is your potential interviewer. They just might be! Smile at people as much as possible. Do not act impatient or bored, it sends the wrong message. Some interviewers will keep you waiting just to see how you handle yourself.
    • Greet you interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile.
    • Remain standing until your interviewer asks you to be seated. It is simply polite and shows proper etiquette.
    • Again, dress according to the type of job that you are applying for.
    • Show yourself to be well organized, by having all things needed for the interview.
    • While waiting, do not eat or drink anything.
    • Don’t chat on your cell phone while waiting for your interviewer. It makes you look distracted.

    How To Prepare For A Job Interview & First Impressions(video):

    How to Prepare for a First Impression (video):

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