Comment to 'Be Stress Free - How To Quickly Manage or Eliminate Your Stress'
  • Enjoy moderate, pleasurable exercise like bike or swim.

    Remove your watch and go for a timeless walk.

    Give a hug, a kiss or an orgasm (these all release endorphins).

    Cultivate interest in music you love.

    Make some music you love.

    Select from 3 cards and send to 3 people just because.

    Spend the day downtown and pretend you are a tourist.

    Play with your children today, all day!

    Tell somebody how much you appreciate them.

    Smile at everyone you see today.

    Take a walk or bike ride on a new route.

    Always meditate and practice mindful breathing all days.

    Go to an arts event of some kind even if you don’t think you will enjoy it.

    Dance like a pro!

    Cook your spouse a favorite meal.

    Reduce all sugar, caffeine, alcohol just for 1 week.

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