Comment to 'Anger Management Tips - How To Diffuse Your Anger Quickly.'
  • Determine the source and cause of anger.

    A strong emotion has to be resolved first. Unresolved anger escalates, and bitterness will show in your interaction with other people. Diffuse anger and it will relieve the stress in your system.

    Don't react.

    Think about the situations that have gotten you into trouble in the past. You likely immediately reacted to the problem at hand with angry emotions. Whenever you're presented with a stressful situation, it's important withhold rash reactions. Think about what's really going on, and then decide how you really feel about everything.

    Take a time-out.

    Cool down first.

    Counting to ten before you speak or act gives you a chance to think first. Take a deep breath or two while you count to ten; this action helps relax your tense muscles and sends a burst of oxygen to your brain for clarity of thought.

    • Removing yourself altogether from the situation gives you more time to calm down and further reduces the risk of an angry outburst. You can return once you're able to discuss the issue peacefully.
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