Comment to 'How To Achieve All Your Goals... Starting NOW'
  • Be consistent.

    Once you have a roadmap in place, consistently take action in the direction of your dreams. Things likely won't go exactly as you've planned, but you can adjust your plan as you take action and receive feedback on your progress.

    • Whenever you set a goal, take one small step toward its fulfillment. That way, when you leave a goal setting session, you've already made some progress. This will provide great encouragement for you to continue.

    • If you're unsure how to proceed toward the result you're after, get started on the path to that goal anyway. Determine the first step you need to take, and then take it. Once that's done, ask yourself what the next step should be, and then do it! Keep it simple, and keep taking one step at a time until your goal is achieved.
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