Comment to 'How To Create Your Own Great, Personalized Affirmations'
  • To create positive and effective affirmations:

    1. An affirmation must be in the present tense.

    Your subconscious doesn't have the ability to accept a promise of future behavior. “I will eat healthy foods” doesn't give your subconscious a timeline or deadline to perform your promise to yourself.

    • Instead, state your affirmation as though it’s a behavior you already exhibit. “I always make healthy food choices” is a present tense statement your subconscious can accept as a fact.

    2. For affirmations to work properly, they must be stated in the first person.

    In other words, don't create an affirmation saying, “You must eat healthy foods.” In order for your affirmation to matter to your subconscious, it must be personal and use the word “I.”

    • “I will choose healthy foods every time I eat” is a personal statement your subconscious can apply to your own behavior.

    3. Finally, an affirmation must be stated in a positive manner.

    “I must stop eating junk food” sends your mind a distorted message; it interprets the same as “I eat junk food.” This type of statement will lead you in the opposite direction of your goal!

    • Instead, “I choose fresh, healthy snacks when I am hungry” is a positive statement telling your mind the exact desired behavior.
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