Comment to 'How Do I Stop Being So Shy?'
  • Hi Tammy.

    Great topic. I've got a lot of personal experience with this one having grown up being super shy myself.

    Being Quiet vs Being Shy.

    There's a difference between being quiet and being shy.

    When you're quiet, you know you have the option to speak, but you just choose not to do so.

    When you're shy, you're plagued by discomfort, worry, or even anxiety in social situations.

    No matter how shy you think you are, there are ways to train yourself to overcome this. While you won't turn into a social butterfly overnight, you can become a more confident person. And that's the key, self-confidence as I will explain further in a post below. Also see self-esteem.

    Below are tips and suggestions.

    Overcome your shyness and solve your problem, click here.

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