Comment to 'How Can I Be A Great Parent In This Constantly Changing World?'
  • Keep abreast of technology.

    At the rate at which technology evolves, it's important that you keep up with it. Remember that your kids now rely on technology for virtually everything. Knowing what they are doing with technology can help you relate better to your kids.

    • While apart from your children, split your communication time between the phone and the internet. Get involved with social media, email, and other means of electronic communication. It makes you seem "cool" to your children and helps you to keep up-to-date on their activities.

    • When shopping for gifts, think technology. Even things like reading can be achieved through technology. As far as kids are concerned, e-readers are cooler than paperbacks. Embrace their idea of coolness while encouraging the age-old practice of reading.

    • Learning new technology with your kids opens their eyes to new interests.
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