Comment to 'How To Lower Your High Blood Pressure'
  • Lose Weight

    There is a strong link between obesity and hypertension. If you are overweight your doctor will already have suggested that you try to lose some weight. However, it is best to lose weight slowly and you probably want to deal with your hypertension fast. So it is good news that there are other high blood pressure remedies that you can try too.

    Get More Exercise

    Get up off your butt and capitalize on moderate-intensity, prolonged exercise (at least 30 minutes) every day, such as walking. The combination of regular exercise and weight loss should be effective in lowering resting BP in short, medium and longer-term periods.

    You will start benefiting right away from any type or amount of exercise as it will significantly lower your blood pressure for hours after the actual activity itself.

    ** NOTE: strenuous physical activity may actually precipitate acute myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest in selected individuals, so be sure to discuss your risk and options in detail with your medical practitioner and fitness professional(s), treatment team, prior to starting your routines or activities.

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