Comment to 'How To Budget Your Money Wisely and Stick To A Plan'
  • Lower your utility bills.

    Take a few minutes to plan ways to save on bills - 15 or 20 minutes researching lower rates on electricity or long distance can pay off.

    What do I do?

    I pick up the phone and call each of my utility providers CUSTOMER RETENTION DEPARTMENT (examples: phone, satellite/cable tv, internet service provider).

    I tell them that I am considering switching to one of their competitors and looking for lower rates today to keep me as a customer.

    Back in 2012, I switched health insurance providers and have saved between $750 - $1,000.00 per year since. The plans were essentially the same.

    In 2013, I saved approximately $1,450.00 calling my phone, internet and satellite tv companies telling them I was going to switch to a competitor. They all lowered the rates without argument.

    This year (2014) so far I have tacked on another $1,150.00 in savings just by picking up the phone and calling the same 3 companies as the previous year.

    Remember: those lower rates you see on tv are not just for new customers. they are for customers that may leave and switch to a competitor too. You just need to ask.

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