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    Imagine walking in a field, in the soft glow of the moonlight on a pleasantly warm summer evening. The gentle wind causes the tall grass to sway in rhythm. The pleasant scent of the nearby shrubs and flowers intoxicates you as you deeply inhale the moist air.


    After holding your deep in-breath for couple of seconds, you slowly release and continue to walk through the field.


    As you’re walking you notice many signs of abundance; piles of gold and diamonds are scattered throughout the field. You think to yourself that there is enough for everyone to be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.


    From a long way away, you can hear the gentle hooting of an owl. As the wind begins to pick up, you can feel the warm air blowing through your hair. You notice a light in the distance that appears to grow larger as you continue walking towards it. You realize that it is a temple - a glorious temple made of gold and lit spectacularly by the full moon.


    As you approach the temple, you are filled with a sense of awe. You realize that something amazing is about to happen; this is obviously a place of great prosperity and abundance. You feel that the key to wealth is going to be revealed to you.


    When you finally reach the temple, you start up the long, winding stairs. You move quickly and easily up the stairs with minimal effort. The movement is so fluid that it reminds you of an escalator, only much smoother.


    After a few moments you reach the top and see a set of large doors made of wood. With tremendous anticipation and excitement, you push against the doors with all your might. The doors open slowly and with a gentle creaking sound. You walk into the temple, which is filled with light streaming down from the ceiling. What do you see in the temple?

    In the above example, the guided part of the imagery is stopped at the point of walking through the doors. This is where your subconscious takes over...

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