Comment to 'What Are The Qualities Of A Great Leader?'
  • Know your people.

    You can't truly lead a group of people unless you truly understand their hopes, dreams, struggles, pains, and goals. All the good intentions in the world mean nothing unless you have a true sense of the people you're working with.

    • Talk to your team and get to know them. Getting to know each other on a personal level will strengthen the bond between you. They'll want to do better for you because you're more than just a "boss."
    • Be their leader, first, and their friend second. You're their leader and that means that you have to make difficult decisions from time to time. These decisions cannot be affected by personal relationships.

    Be a good delegator.

    Identifying an ideal team is a success in itself, because you know that the persons you've selected are capable of excelling in the tasks assigned. Now, it’s up to you to assign tasks effectively. Becoming a good delegator will involve the following activities:

    • Studying the strengths of each team player so you can effectively match tasks with the skill set.
    • Analyzing the potential success capabilities of your team so you can make a wise choice when assigning responsibilities.
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