Comment to 'How Do I Cure My Nightly Insomnia?'
  • Reduce your stress.

    Take the time to identify what is causing you stress in life. If you're taking on too much, consider giving yourself a lighter load. If you're having problems at home or work, focus on those problems first. You may notice that solving your day-to-day problems will directly help you solve your insomnia at night.

    Step 1: Take out a piece of paper and pen and write down what is bothering you. This alone will bring to the surface things that are keeping you awake and frustrated. Seeing them in writing rather than just in your head can help you immensely.

    Step 2: Next to each item on the list, write down how you will solve the problem.

    Step 3: Don't wait. Take action today to start relieving what's causing your sleepless nights.

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