Comment to 'How To Go From Unhappy To Happy'
  • Use your downtime joyfully.

    Perhaps your biggest challenge is dealing with downtime. When you’re bored, lonely, anxious, sad, stressed or depressed and don’t have something to do, it’s easy to resort to less than ideal behaviors. These behaviors not only accomplish nothing positive, but they can also make your life more challenging.

    • This would include things like watching TV, surfing the internet, eating when you aren’t hungry, shopping for stuff you don’t really want or need, drinking, drugs, serial dating, and more. These behaviors do nothing to solve the underlying issue and can create more difficulties.

    • Coping with negative feelings effectively makes life much easier. Read something worthwhile, go for a jog, meet up with a friend and do something fun, make a new friend, or work on a hobby. Substitute you’re bad habits with new, more beneficial habits that bring you closer to the good life you imagine for you and your family.

    • Learn to take a moment and pause before you go on autopilot. If you’re going for the fridge and you’re not hungry, simply STOP. Ask yourself why you’re doing this and what other action you could take.
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