Comment to 'How To Go From Unhappy To Happy'
  • Foster an attitude of appreciation.

    It's possible that you take certain aspects of your life for granted. This could include anything from having a car, shelter, food to eat and many other aspects of your lifestyle that a majority of the people on this planet could only dream of.

    • For one reason or another, people who are happy, seem to be content and appreciate of whatever they have.

    • The mindset in which you take nothing for granted will usually require no more than a shift in attitude. You won't have to change anything about your external circumstances.

    • To remind yourself to be appreciative, make it a point to reflect on everything that you’re thankful for once a day. Doing this as you fall asleep each night helps to brush your cares away as you fall into restful slumber, preparing the way for a great day tomorrow.
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