Comment to 'How Can I Become More Assertive?'
  • Great question.

    First, here is a fast and simple 10 question quiz to test your level of assertiveness (or lack thereof).

    1. Do you say yes even when you do not want to do something? For example, are you the mom who always volunteers even when you know you do not have time to make three dozen cupcakes? Do you then stay up all night even though you are bone tired making said cupcakes all the while feeling resentful of the other moms who said no and cursing them under your frosting laden breath?

    2. Are you indecisive? Do you get to the point where weighing the pros and cons of a particular situation goes overboard and you just give up? When you make decisions do you find yourself considering every possible option and how it will effect everyone except you?

    3. Do you feel guilty when you ask others for help? Alternately do you expect others to just do things for you that you could easily do yourself and get angry with them if they refuse?

    4. When you are shopping do you find yourself getting sucked in to a sales pitch to the point where you feel guilty walking away without making a purchase? Even if you can not afford or do not want a particular item do you buy it just so the salesman will leave you alone?

    5. What is your reaction if someone cuts you off in traffic or in front of you in line? Do you blow up and yell, curse, or make rude gestures to them? Do you back off and turn your anger at them inward instead?

    6. If someone disagrees with you do you make fun of them? Do you assume that they are crazy or uneducated because their opinion is different from yours?

    7. When you make mistakes do you admit them? If you do not admit them is it because you are embarrassed or because you refuse to admit that you were wrong about something?
    8. In your social circle are you the always the one who make plans or are you always following along whether the group is doing something you enjoy or not?

    9. When you must talk to people in authority positions do you feel nervous or anxious?

    10. When you receive a compliment does it make you feel proud or embarrassed? How do you feel about giving someone a compliment?

    The answers to these questions will give you helpful insight on both yourself and your assertiveness.

    Now onto some helpful tips and suggestions on how to be more assertive.

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