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Travel For Your Job and Still Earn a Masters Degree Online

Thereís nothing like being able to travelóand call it a job. The freedom, the flexibility and the fun make a traveling career that much more rewarding.

But is there still something else missing in life? Maybe in order to advance to the next level, you need more education. Or maybe you would just like a change in your career.

You canít afford to go to college, mainly because you canít afford to quit your traveling job. Not to worry. The same freedom, flexibility and fun that come with travel also come with earning a masterís degree online.

Youíre studying something you love, something youíve always wanted to do, and something to truly build a career on. When you earn a degree online, you are also free because an online course allows you to work at your own pace. An online education allows you to set your own schedule. It allows you to still keep your fulltime job and work at home or even elsewhere on a laptop computer. You can study without the pressure of a fast moving class, and also speed through the lessons you understand, thus earning your degree in a shorter period of time.

When you earn a masterís degree, as opposed to a bachelor or associateís degree, you open new doors for your career. Job prospects start to increase and employers start to value you, not only as an employee, but also as an authority in your chosen field. Many workers with a masterís degree in hand can start to call the shots and rise above midlevel management.

What you earn is what you get credit for. Yes, there are legitimate online educational courses that offer a masterís degree. They are not to be confused with diploma mills, which offer to sell you a bogus degree and provide phony references. There are many colleges, both online and regional, that can offer you a legitimate masterís degree and are fully accredited.

Accreditation means that agencies in association with the Higher Education Accreditations (CHEA) and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) have evaluated the schoolís standards and practices and have granted their degrees as transferable and recognized their achievements in higher learning.

How does one go about choosing an online university and start on their way to earn a masterís degree? Here are some reminders to ponder the next time you travelóand think about your career.

Are you self-disciplined and motivated? Will you still be able to earn a degree and study intensively when you are not working? Just because online courses are more convenient than traditional schools, does not mean they are easy to complete.

Is your computer equipped to handle the online universityís software? Some schools are now including advanced software in their lessons, with full video and audio features. Will you be using your home computer or a laptop? Can your laptop access the Internet or will you need to use a phone line, and thus, a dial up connection? Some software programs might include live conferencing or streaming video footage and could possibly not work on anything besides a broadband Internet connection.

Are you pursuing a definite career goal? Have you spoken to employers in the field you are interested in? How do they feel about online colleges? Would they accept an online masterís degree from an accredited school? Would they expect the graduate to have practical, hands-on experience beyond what a textbook can teach, and does the online college provide for that? While some fields, such as a job in government or in a hospital, might question an online masterís degree with no coursework, other growing fields like in technology, marketing and media, are usually more willing to accept the online degree as an equivalent to a traditional degree.

Is the teaching staff qualified and ready to help? Always check the names and profiles of your instructors, and verify that indeed they are qualified to teach you (and not the other way around). Verify and investigate every possible aspect of the online course, from the curriculum, to the reputation of the school, to any extra features involved including mentoring or coursework, and of course, the overall price. Donít purchase an online course, priced at thousands of dollars, until you thoroughly research all of your options.

Do you travel for a job? Would you still like to earn a masters degree online? No problem. A traveling job no longer impedes a personís ability to seek higher education and further his or her career. Thanks to the Internet, there truly is nothing a person canít achieve according to his or her determination and a checkbook.

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