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Top 13 Distance Learning & Online Degree Websites

When you are a distance-learning student, you quickly learn you need all of the help you can get to be successful. Use these twelve great websites as resources to help you get the grades you deserve.

Great web portal offering information on the top online universities and distance learning programs available to you.

This fantastic website has millions of articles and bits of information on almost anything you could ever want to learn about. It is a free online encyclopedia of open information. It is available in many different languages, just in case you need to access information in a language other than English. It is free to use and can really help you with research papers and any other research you need to do while a student online. One of the best things about is while some encyclopedias only offer traditional information; this site offers current history as well as information on cultural things like slang words, community events, and even Internet terms.

If you need a site to get articles on current events, is one of the best you can visit. This great newspaper offers free accessible articles each day that students can use for personal education or for a class. You can also access stock quotes and much more.

In the past, students have always lugged around thick dictionaries to use when writing papers and completing assignments. However, with more students learning online, it only seems appropriate that there is a new and easy to use dictionary online. You can visit for all of your spelling and definition needs.

Just as dictionaries are needs, so is the thesaurus. If you are a distance-learning student, you will need to utilize to get the best grades on your papers. Bookmark it just in case you forget about it.

Online students know they often need more than one encyclopedia source. In this case, is another great source for reliable research and in depth information on almost anything you can think of. While it is not as “hip” as, it still contains an abundance of great information for online students to use.

As you study, you may come across something you just don’t understand. Or, you may find a person in history you would like to learn more about. If this is the case, is the site for you. You can “google” almost anything and find out whatever it is you want to know.

All students need to purchase textbooks and other books for reference. is one of the best places to buy these things. Not only does offer the best deals on new books, they also offer you the option to purchase used books, which is a good idea for many online students.

If you are taking a math course online, you certainly may need a good calculator website to assist you with homework. Check out for anything you need in the area.

For an even better math website, not only provides you with various different calculators, but also with tutorials and general help in many different areas of math. There are converters, tables, and many other tools that will help any online student get through their math course with no problem.

Many distance-learning courses require students to write papers, since taking tests and doing homework can complicate the online process. Therefore, knowing proper grammar is a must if you want to pass with flying colors. is the best site for any questions you may have about grammar rules and punctuation.

This great website is a must for all online students. You can use the message boards to get help with homework problems you are stuck on, advice on education, and other great things. You can chat and virtually meet many students like yourself. A good support system like the one at is important for any online student.

Although this site is a little pricey at times, it can be great if you need professional help in a jiffy. It is also much less expensive than hiring a tutor. Use this site to post homework problems or to get your essay critiqued and proofread. You will find their advice is professional and accurate.

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