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     Online Degree Top Study Habits

Earning a degree online can be incredibly hard work, especially for those who are unaware of just what it requires. A lot of people seem to think that earning an online degree is both faster and easier than going through the traditional college route, and while this can be true, the opposite can be true as well. Some people quite simply canít do distance learning Ė itís just not for them. Obviously this is something you want to know before you attempt to do any sort of distance learning Ė so before you sign up, check to see if you have the qualities a successful distance learner will need.

The first trait that all of the people who earn their degrees online have in common is that they can do just as well without someone staring over their shoulder Ė in some cases they do better. Some students will need a teacher or authority figure to keep them on track, but those who pursue degrees online have to find motivation within them. Just because you will never meet your maker (AKA the person grading you) doesnít mean that shouldnít be doing your best work. The key habit that these people have is that they set their own goals and then strive to achieve them Ė they are able to work for themselves, not for someone else.

The people who are able to quickly complete online degrees seemingly effortless donít procrastinate. They wonít put off assignments or wait until the thirteenth hour to write that ten page research paper. Sure, itís nice to be able to work at your own pace, with the opportunity to take as long as you need on work, but you canít put anything off. Once you start to put things off, you wonít stop. Eventually this will pile up into a mountain of work that no one wants to have to do, and the person who piled everything up wonít even bother finishing the program.

Having good reading comprehension is necessary in any college level course, but even more so when youíre using a distance learning method. If youíre pursuing an online degree you will not have the luxury of meeting with the teacher after class, or listening to their lectures to clear things up. You need to be able to do all of your learning through reading the information that is given to you. You canít constantly ask questions because there is no one to ask them to, so instead you have to read until you understand. If you can not understand text at the college level without some help, you will ultimately fail in the pursuit of an online degree.

Being able to resist distractions is incredibly important if you plan on getting an online degree. It doesnít matter whether your friends are calling you wanting to take you out for a night on the town or if your favorite television show is on Ė if you have work to do, you have to do it. The best way to go about this is to set a time period everyday where you are not allowed to do anything besides work. In this time period you canít answer the phone, you canít go out with friends, and you canít watch television. All of those who were successful in obtaining their online degree were able to do this, and keep away from the constant distractions.

Finally, to be successful in any sort of online degree you shouldnít care about the classroom feel youíd get from a traditional school. You shouldnít care that youíre going to miss the big football game, or various other on-campus activities. For younger people the social aspect can be a big reason why theyíre involved in university, but if youíre doing an online degree program than there is little to no social aspect involved. All you will have is email and message boards, and you canít let this bother you.

If you donít have most of the qualities, you will likely fail. This isnít because of the subject matter of the course, itís because earning a degree online presents a much different challenge than most people are used to. If you do have all of the above qualities, than you are ready to meet that challenge and earn your degree.

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