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Is An Online Degree Program For Me?


Getting an Online Degree Takes Skill and Effort

Many people hope to earn a degree of some sort, and many of these people want to do it as quickly and as easily as possible. Why wouldn’t they? In today’s world, most people don’t have the time or the work ethic to fully pursue the degree of their dream, so if they have what they believe to be an opportunity to finish the degree they want both quickly and easily, they’re going to take it. A lot of people believe that online degrees present this opportunity. A lot of people would be wrong. There is no way around hard work – online students have to apply themselves just as much as a student going the traditional route does.

How do online programs work? Well, the course work is “handed-out” online. It can be posted on a website or sent to the student’s email. Often times there will be links to various articles related to the subject matter, and other links that allow the students to watch lectures. What does this mean to the person who would prefer to get their degree as fast and easy as possible? First it means that in order to get the degree with any sort of speed you’ll need to be a very strong reader. While in traditional school you can sit back in class and take notes on what the teacher is saying, if you’re pursuing an online degree you must do a bunch of reading, and be able to comprehend it.

When you go to submit your paper, you will be handing it in online via email. Some online programs will give you deadlines for everything while others will let you work at your own pace. This means two things for the fast and easy learner. The first one is that there is a work load, and you do have to meet deadlines – which can be stressful, and therefore, hard. The second thing – which only applies if there are no deadlines – means that students are able to procrastinate as much as they want. This procrastination can slow students down tremendously. There will be no one breathing down their neck, and there is no one checking in with them to make sure that they’re doing the work. Sure, this might seem to make things easier, but it will sacrifice a great amount of speed on all but the most motivated learners.

There is another major drawback for those who would pursue an online degree that is never thought of. This drawback – that can cripple the chances of finishing the degree program quickly – is that help isn’t always available when you need it. In traditional colleges it’s simple – if you’re in trouble you can talk to the teacher about the parts you don’t understand. If you’re in an online course sometimes you may have to wait a while to get the help you need. For instance, if you were planning on working over spring break to get your online degree (after all, the more often you do work the faster you’ll be done) and you get stuck at a problem, you’ll have nowhere to turn. The professor could be on vacation, as will the other students. Your only option in this situation is to try and work harder and find the answers you need in your textbook. If you can’t find the answers than you have to wait until the professor returns from their vacation, which can set you back many weeks. Just because you can plan when you want to do your work doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do it when you want to – problems are bound to come up, and you may not be ready to face them.

No matter how you choose to pursue a degree it is going to take some degree of skill. That’s the way life works – there is no quick and easy solution – if there was, everyone would be using it. If you want to have the same respect that a person gets from their degree through a traditional college you have to be prepared to work just as hard as they do.

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