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Is An Online Degree Program For Me?


     Definition of an Online Degree

An online degree is basically defined as a degree that is obtained by a student who takes online courses to fulfill the degree requirements. While this may sound straight forward, online degrees often consist of several different things put together. Some online degrees require more work than others. Depending on the college that is issuing the degree, you donít really know what the online degree entails unless you request more information.

Many people tend to think online degrees are degrees for people who donít want to work as hard. This is simply not true. Online degrees require just as much course work and studying as in-class degrees. Some of the courses even require more when they are taught online, to compensate for the missed class time. The way we know this is true is because colleges and universities wonít allow a degree to be issued, unless the online degree program is comparable in curriculum to an in-class degree of the same subject. Therefore, you can be sure that all online degrees, from reputable universities and colleges, are just as difficult to obtain as a traditional degree of the same type.

There are some online degrees that are claimed to be obtained in a short amount of time, such as two weeks or a month. Stay away from these programs because they are hardly legitimate. Any college or school that claims you can get a four-year degree in two weeks is scamming you and everyone else. Look for accreditation to see if the university or college you are working through is legitimate and worth your time and money. There have been many television programs looking into universities like these so employers are getting wise enough to look into whether the college you obtained your degree from is accredited or not.

Some online degree programs can be done completely off site. You simply log onto the distance learning board from your home school that is issuing your degree, and attend ďvirtual classesĒ. You may be required to log on at specific times to take tests, participate in group chats, or coordinate assignments. You may not however be required to get online at any specific time at all. It may be that your professor gives you a syllabus of assignments and due dates and you do the rest on your own. You probably will be given a schedule for reading to follow as well. When you take online degree classes such as these, it is very important you are mature enough to stay on schedule because there will be no one holding your hand and dragging you through.

Other online courses do require meeting times. You may take an online degree program from a local college where you must meet with your class once a week or even once a month. Other courses only require you meet when you are taking a big test. Most online courses will tell you before signing up if you are required to meet physically with your class at any time. If you are taking a course and live far away, you should consider these things before signing up. Some professors will allow you to get a proctor for your tests instead of meeting physically. Many proctors can be found through a college close to you or through even your local high school. There are typically forms that need to be filled out when using a proctor, so be sure you turn them in correctly.

As you can see, online degrees can be hard to define. They are also a little mysterious to those who have never looked into the online class opportunity. Once you take an online class however, it is likely you will want to take more. It is a freeing opportunity that allows you to fulfill your desire to continue your education as well as live a full life outside your schooling. It is really a great opportunity for those who work full time, those with a family, those who are older, and those who canít attend traditional courses for one reason or another. Just be sure to investigate your online college or university to be sure they are legitimate before handing over any money.

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