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Is An Online Degree Program For Me?


     Online Bachelors Degrees: An Overview

You always wanted to go to college but you never had the time. Now youíre at a mid-career level, stuck in a rut, and itís too late to go back to school, right? Wrong.

But say that you donít like the idea of having to drive across town to the nearest campus, nor do you enjoy the idea of trying to fit in with the college crowd. No problem. Thanks to the Internet, now seeking higher education is as easy as the click of a button and you can do it all from your own home.

Thereís no question that earning an online bachelorís degree can take your career to a new level. Now donít confuse a legitimate online bachelorís degree with a ďdiploma millĒ degree. These are not degrees you buy and receive. An online bachelorís degree from a properly accredited school is transferable and is acknowledged by most, if not all, educators and employers in the country.

Consider this overview, which lists the advantages of obtaining a degree online.

  1. Online universities let you work at your own pace. Scheduling is flexible and can accommodate your daily routines, even if it involves a regular fulltime job.
  2. Depending on your own will and self-discipline an online bachelorís degree can be completed faster than an on-campus program.
  3. A broader selection of subjects is available for you to major in.
  4. The cost of an online program is competitive, usually less than a traditional college. However, many online programs, depending on the reputation of the school, are viewed as the equivalent of a traditional college education.
  5. Pursuing an online bachelorís degree means never being late or absent for a class. Most universities provide reference material online, accessible at any time of the day.

A bachelorís degree is the most common type of degree issued by universities, both on-campus and online. The two most common types of bachelor degrees awards are the Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) and the Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A).

There are three primary types of online universities. Diploma mills, which sell fake degrees not worth the paper they are printed on, Internet-only universities, which could range from reputable to shady depending on the school and its practices, and finally regional colleges that also offer an online program option.

With so many diploma mills advertising online today, many serious students may be confused about what earning an online degree actually involves. Bachelorís degrees cannot be earned in a few months or weeks. Consider an overview of how an online bachelorís degree is earned.

  1. Students select an academic major to study.
  2. Students complete a required number of courses (also called academic units) within the major of their choice.
  3. Students are sometimes required to complete other classes in related fields before they can earn a Bachelorís degree online. Students may be required to complete courses in outside fields before earning their bachelorís degree. The more work involved, the more study required, the more legitimate the degree.
  4. Finally, upon completion of the entire major, with additional related and outside courses completed, students graduate with a bachelorís degree in their major of choice. The process typically takes about 2-3 years.

Earning bachelorís degrees online, while not easy, (this is college, after all) can be convenient to the fulltime worker who needs a change in his or her career.

In further consideration of online bachelorís degrees, there is one more avenue to address. Consider an overview of common online degree myths.

  1. ĒOnline bachelor degree programs are not recognized by employers or educators.Ē Not necessarily. Schools that are not properly accredited are not recognized. However, regional colleges who offer online courses, and even some accredited Internet-only colleges, can offer a transferable, universally recognized degree. It all depends upon proper accreditation as well as the schoolís reputation.
  2. ďAn online bachelorís degree does not compare with a traditional degree.Ē While itís not mandatory that every employer respect online graduates, more and more are coming around. Employers are learning that online graduatesófrom accredited schoolsóare just as qualified as traditional college graduates. Bachelorís degrees earned online donít say ďonlineĒ on the certificate. They merely state the name of the school and the name of the graduate. Employers in the technology, marketing and media fields are especially more open to online graduates.
  3. ďCollege is too expensive.Ē Online bachelor degrees are modestly priced, when compared to traditional schools. Online colleges compete with each other and therefore, many can offer students more reasonable prices. Be sure and research each online course thoroughly and compare the costs before making a final decision.

Taking an overview of online programs, and carefully comparing universities, can help save you money, choose only the best schools, and take your career to new heights.

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