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Is An Online Degree Program For Me?


     Looking To Advance Your Masterís Degree Online?

A lot of people have thought about earning their masters degree, but all of those excuses seem to crop up and get in the way. Which excuses are those? You know the ones Ė I donít have the time, I donít have the money, and sometimes even the dreaded ďitís probably not worth itĒ. Well first thing first Ė is it worth it to earn your masterís degree? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Over a twenty-five year career a person who has their masterís degree will earn up to $225,000 more than a person who only ever received a bachelorís degree. Is that $225,000 Ė almost a quarter million Ė worth it to you? If not, than you probably didnít do too well at math. Not only will having your masterís enable you to earn more, it will get you the job you want quickly. A person with their masterís is believed to have a high level of commitment, as well as being considered an expert in their industry. Itís this expertise and commitment that modern day employers love to see in prospective employees.

What exactly is a masterís degree? Essentially it is a specialized program that gives you more focused knowledge and expertise in whichever career field you choose. Generally speaking it will take one or two years to actually finish your masterís and receive your diploma, up to as many as four years if you choose to study part-time. Keep in mind that the one or two years it takes to complete your masterís degree is in addition to all the previous education you need to get the credits you need to pursue a masterís degree.

There are a few different types of master degree programs, but most of them have fairly similar requirements. Usually you will need to do at least 30 graduate hours of credit in something related to whatever youíve pursuing. For example, if youíre pursuing a Masters of Arts youíre going to need to have at least 30 graduate hours in social sciences. If you decide on a Masters of Science, the degree will require at least 30 graduate hours based in science. Whatever you choose youíre going to have to study Ė pretty obvious, isnít it?

If you donít think you have the time to pursue that extra quarter million dollars that you can have with a masterís degree Ė think again. Technology these days is a lot more accessible than it used to be, and because of that the ability to pursue an online education has never been easier. Once you have been able to gain admission into the program of youíre choice all youíll need is an Internet connection and youíll be ready to go. This means that you can begin to earn your degree no matter where you are Ė in New York City, or even if you were in the middle of nowhere Ė location is no longer an excuse. You donít have to relocate; you just have to pay for admission to the program and for the Internet connection.

These upgrades in technology also mean that time is no longer a reason to not pursue a masterís degree. Thanks to the set-up of an online program you donít have to plan your life around your classes Ė you can plan your classes around your life. Some programs have streaming video and audio that you can download at any point, while others just send you links to various pieces of information.

Donít make the mistake of believing that this doesnít mean youíll have to work though Ė you still will. Earning a masterís degree is hard no matter which way you choose to do it Ė in class or online. You will have to do projects, you will have to write essays, and yes, you will have to take tests. How you do these things depends on the program you take, but always remember that you get what you put into these programs. The harder youíre willing to work Ė the better youíll do.

Will businesses take an online masterís degree seriously? They definitely will Ė and most of the diplomas you get from an online course donít even say that the course was online, so you donít have to worry about that. No more excuses.

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