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Is An Online Degree Program For Me?


Top 6 Ways Evaluate a Potential Online Degree Program

Many students who look into online degree programs get so excited about the idea of being able to get their degree from home, they rarely think about what type of degree program they are getting into. When it comes to your college education, it is important to be sure you are getting a valid degree that will actually help you, and not waste your time and money. With several scams being uncovered over the past few years, it is no surprise that students should be more careful when choosing an online degree program. If you are in search of a good program, take a look at these six ways you should evaluate each online degree program you look into.


When you look into various online degree programs, you should know if the school is accredited. Accreditation is a type of review that the school undergoes. There are actual accrediting agencies that have sets of standards they use to review each school. Some of the areas they look at are the staff and faculty, curriculum, and student services. If your school meets the specific standards, they will get accreditation and be required to continue to provide the same services. When a school is accredited, it means they offer programs that meet great educational standards. Sometimes, when you go for job interviews, your employer will want to make sure your college was accredited. So, you can see accreditation is very important.

Admission Process

Another thing you should look at when evaluating online degree programs is the admissions process. When you look into schools, you should ask them how their admission process works. If they admit anyone who is willing to pay tuition, you know you donít want to fall into their trap. The admission process should be competitive. This will show you that they take their studies seriously. There are faux universities out there who could care less what you get, as long as they get their money. These universities will accept anyone and will not post statistics on their current student body.


One thing you should think about is whether or not your online college degree will be from a school that has a physical location. This is an important factor for you to determine whether the university is legitimate or not. Many scams will not have a physical address for their school, only a mailing address. You want a school that has a place where you can come to see if they are legitimate or not, even though you probably wonít ever make the trip.


With the cost of higher education being higher than ever, the cost of your online degree program should be an issue you think about. Many students will pay whatever costs they have to, just so they can get a degree. They often will take out student loans just so they can afford to take online courses. However, few students think about having to pay those loans back. When you graduate, and your bills start rolling in, you will have wished you shopped around for the best tuition costs. So, do yourself a favor when you start and consider what you will be paying when you look at online degree programs.

Degree Types

Online degrees are often very specific in there area of interest. When you are looking for an online degree program that fits your specific needs, be sure to think about the type of degree the program awards. Some programs only award certificates and never award degrees, so beware of these programs. If you are looking for a bachelorís degree or a masterís degree, you really need to be sure those degree types are offered through your online degree program.

Success Rate

Few prospective students ever consider checking out the success rate for specific degree programs. However, knowing the success rate for your online degree program is a great way for you to identify if you would be successful yourself. Even if a program has a lower than expected success rate, you still might want to give it a try. However, you may also want to look around for something else instead. If the program doesnít list its statistics on their website, give them a quick call to ask if they list them for prospective students to review.

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